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Are Married At First Sight’s Ning and Mark back together?

“I think he has the feels!”
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Their split caused hearts to break all around Australia, but could Married At First Sight’s Mark and Ning be giving their relationship another shot? It certainly looked that way during last night’s long-awaited reunion episode.

In a mess of wine-throwing drama there was one positive ray of light, as fans saw the recent exes flirt up a storm at the final dinner party.

“At the vow renewal it was really hard for me because I opened up and wanted to continue our relationship,” Ning told the cameras ahead of the reunion. “But then Mark said no to me.”

Ning and Mark’s vow renewal was heartbreaking (Image: Nine Network).

Though she was left heartbroken, Ning told the cameras that since their split Mark has been messaging and calling her ‘all the time.’

“I feel like maybe he is still interested, but I want him to give me a sign,” Ning said. “I know it sounds stupid, but he knows that I dig the beard, so I think if he has a beard tonight I think that’s a sign. Maybe he does see something.”

Later, arriving at the dinner party, Ning nervously discussed her relationship status with Mick.

“I was so blindsided,” she admitted of their split. “I think he has the feels. He messages me every day, I think he’s just too scared. He sends me stupid memes, which I love, cos I love memes.”

Another classic Ning moment on MAFS (Image: Nine Network).

As Ning and Mick decided it was a “sign” that Mark still texts her, the man himself arrived at the dinner party. And everyone in Australia collectively crossed their fingers and toes that Mark would have a beard!

To Australia – and Ning’s – delight, Mark walked in rocking the world’s best beard™ and their chemistry could instantly be seen.

Thank you for blessing us with this beard, Mark (Image: Nine Network).

Ning and Mark spent the evening talking at the table, and, of course, their flirtatious antics have left fans wondering if the pair are back together? According to Mark, they still speak every day.

“In the first few days there was a fair bit of texting about the way it went, and we spoke in length about it a week later when the dust had settled and resolved a few thing,” Mark tells 9 Honey.

“We have spoken a number of times since, but text most days now about the episodes that air and news articles about each other. Our relationship is very good. We text most days and send funny photos and memes all the time.”

Fans would love to see Ning and Mark together again (Image: Nine Network).

Unfortunately for their romantic well-wishers, Mark says they are just friends at the moment.

“I think we both gave everything we had to this and were there for the right reasons but, in the end, we are friends and we always will be.”

Though they remain friends, fans are still hoping to see Ning and Mark reunite one day.

“I have the feels for Mark and Ning,” wrote one fan on Twitter and, honestly, same.

Here’s hoping Ning and Mark can work things out!

Married At First Sight’s finale airs Monday, 7:30pm, on Nine Network.

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