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Cyrell, Martha, and Jessika face-off in the most explosive MAFS dinner party of all time

Wine. Was. THROWN.
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It was the fiery, wine-fuelled mess we all saw coming, but the showdown between Martha and Cyrell was STILL worth the wait!

Married At First Sight viewers waded through scene, after scene, after polite scene, as the cast played nice for a few hours at the final dinner party.

But when the polite conversation finally reached it’s end, Martha and Cyrell faced-off at the dinner table. Wine was thrown, white dresses were ruined and the Internet finally got it’s meme-worthy moment.

Cyrell had… quite a night.

The wine-throwing came about after an evening of tension, which began when Cyrell did not say hello to Martha or Michael.

“Cyrell had messaged me, we had spoken,” Martha tells TV WEEK, saying she was surprised by the freeze-out. “We were on good terms when her and Nic left. I guess she must’ve had time to think about it all and changed her mind.

“You just never know with her,” she explains. “Anything can trigger her.”

Cyrell was indeed ‘triggered’ as she sat at the dinner table, where Martha could be heard gossiping with Jessika about her affair.

“I got what I wanted, I always get what I want,” Jessika said.

“I mean it’s hard getting what you want all the time,” Martha joked back.

Martha and Jessika weren’t bothered by the drama.

Cyrell and Elizabeth then let loose on the table, asking why there had been so much lying and cheating throughout the experiment.

When Billy told Cyrell to “articulate it,” Michael told him not to bother, adding “It’s like speaking to a child.” Michael’s interruption did not fly well with Cyrell.

“Michael you’re a teacher, you of all people should be turning around and telling your wife not to back this,” Cyrell said, continuing her tirade to the point where she told Michael he had “no balls.”

Growing irritated, Martha told Ines “I’m going to throw my drink on her,” before heading over and dumping her red wine over Cyrell’s head.


After throwing her own wine over Martha in retaliation, Cyrell chased her before being stopped by Mike and Sam. Both the women stormed out of the room, before later meeting for the world’s worst reconcilliation.

As Cam put it, “Yeah, s–t got out of control.”

Cyrell was held back by Mike and Sam.

Though Martha tried to apologise by telling Cyrell she was “so embarrassed,” Cyrell wasn’t interested.

Instead, she told her MAFS co-star she was ‘fake’ and wouldn’t accept her apology.

“I was pushing your buttons but you know what Martha, I’m just going to say it now. You’re as fake as your nose, lip, and boob job,” Cyrell said.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t find a plastic surgeon that could fix your personality, because that’s what’s the fakest the most, honey. And your bull—t apology means s–t all to me.”

Martha and Cyrell’s reconciliation was not a success.

The drama wasn’t done, though, with Mick dropping one last bombshell before the dinner party was over.

The farmer accidentally told Cyrell about Nic and Jessika’s “secret meeting,” telling her the blonde bride had propositioned Nic “before Dan rocked up.”

To everyone’s surprise, Cyrell didn’t approach the pair about the bombshell, instead biding her time until the following evening.

“Jess has proven that she is a compulsive liar,” Cyrell told the cameras. “Let’s be honest, if I wanted to do damage I could have. Tomorrow, everyone will see the real Jess. All the b——t, her lies, her cheating, her fakeness.

“That’s all going to come out, and I’m going to sit there and say ‘karma’s a b—h isn’t it?'”

Yep, we couldn’t get enough of that reunion, and either could the fans on Twitter…

After that, we can’t WAIT for the finale!

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