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Olivia Frazer claims Mitch Eynaud “never liked” Ella Ding during their MAFS stint

''She was like, ''The longer we stay on this, the more money we make'.''
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Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has sensationally claimed Mitch Eynaud “never liked” his on-screen wife Ella Ding.

The season nine villain alleged that Ella convinced Mitch to remain on the show so they could “make more money”.

“Mitch is going to kill me. I love Mitchell, I think he’s one of the best men on MAFS, but he never liked Ella,” Olivia said on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast on May 10.

“It was never a thing for him, and she was like, ‘The longer we stay on this, the more money we make’.”

Olivia and Jackson claimed Mitch didn’t want to stay on the show.

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Olivia’s boyfriend Jackson Lonie added: “You could see that every time they got on the couch. Something’s not right here.”

Despite returning to the MAFS finale – which was filmed in January – as a fully-fledged couple, the pair broke up shortly after.

Ella lifted the lid on her ill-fated romance with Mitch on The Handbags podcast on April 13, saying: “He’s the coldest person I’ve ever met.

“He doesn’t believe in monogamous relationships. Mitchell is an enigma. I’ve dated a lot of men, and I am good at reading people. I have never met anyone like Mitchell. He is wired so differently.”

“His first thing was, “I don’t really believe in marriage”. And I’m like, don’t I have a ring on and you read vows?”

The 28-year-old also weighed in on her wedding day, saying the editing made the event appear steamier than it really was.

Ella confirmed she hasn’t seen Mitch since the reunion.

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“They made our wedding look so hot and horny and sexy, like licking lips and s–t. I do that all the time! When you’re nervous you just do it when your mouth is dry,” she said.

“At the wedding they literally just aired us kissing. We were very awkward. In terms of affection, he had no idea.”

In early April, Ella confirmed their split during an interview with Fitzy and Wippa, revealing she hasn’t seen Mitch since filming their sit-down with the experts in early January.

“I haven’t seen Mitchell since the reunion. He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out,” she said.

The beautician went on to say that Mitch started to distance himself after paparazzi photos showed her hanging out with co-star Brent Vitiello.

Ella revealed her relationship with Mitch “fizzled out”.

(Image: Nine)

“It wasn’t straight away. He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out. And it was probably about two months ago. Articles you know, hit the media and then yeah, he sort of just cut me off,” she revealed.

The split didn’t come as a total surprise to viewers given Mitch has been photographed with Tamara since filming wrapped, and rumours continue to swirl around Ella’s relationship with Brent.

Ella and Mitch were one of the strongest couples in the experiment, but that all came crashing down during the final vows.

Mitch shocked Ella by revealing he hadn’t made a decision over whether to move forward in their relationship. He asked his bride for “patience” and said he would not be forced into making a decision about their romance at that point in time.

Mitch and Ella arrived at the reunion together, but later broke up.

(Image: Nine)

“It’s difficult to see a bright future with you when it seems the longer that we spend with each other the more difficult the relationship gets,” Mitch told her.

“I’m sorry Ella, but right now I just can’t give you the commitment I know you want. I know this is not what you want to hear but what I ask from you today is patience, but all I can be honest and this is how I feel.”

Ella was visibly upset by the reveal, after telling Mitch she was willing to take their romance outside of the experiment.

“I’ve given it my all. I have given it my absolute all. He’s asked for patience but to me he’s just keeping his options open,” she told producers.

After the episode aired, Mitch explained how the pressure of the experiment got to him and came to a head during the final vows.

“I was just over absolutely everything and I needed to just take this into the real world and see how I felt when I got home and when I just got to breathe a breath of fresh air and see my family again and see my friends and just reset and see how I felt,” he told 9Entertainment.

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But just four weeks later at the reunion dinner, which was filmed in January, Mitch and Ella confirmed they were still together – making them look pretty solid.

The following night, at the reunion sit-down with the experts, Mitch and Ella revealed they’re in a committed relationship.

“I missed her and I was always thinking about her, I was like ‘I want Ella to be in my world’. We’re together, she’s my girlfriend,” Mitch said, adding that he and Ella had deep conversations about their relationship following the final vows.

Mitch and Ella hit a roadblock in their relationship during homestays week, when Mitch admitted he wouldn’t want to relocate to Melbourne.

Then during the final dinner party, which aired on March 27, Mitch left Ella in tears after failing to tell her where he sees their relationship outside of the show.

Mitch was photographed on a date with Tamara, while Ella has been romantically linked to Brent.

(Image: Nine)

“Everything that Mitchell has said about relationships and marriage is not the way that I see relationships and marriage,” the beautician said.

“I came into the final date, I asked you, “Are we leaving here in a relationship or are we not?” You said, “I don’t really know.” That’s why I feel insecure.”

But Mitch doubled down and told Ella that he’s not an overly expressive person when it comes to emotions.

Prior to the couple confirming their breakup, rumours swirled around a possible couple-swap in the real world. Ella was photographed at the beach with Brent on Valentine’s Day in Sydney, while Tamara and Mitch also spent the day of love together in Brisbane.

When asked by Now To Love about Mitch and Tamara’s rumoured romance on March 31, Ella responded: “She was texting him, they do call each other, it’s a ‘he said, she said’ situation.

“But I mean, I’ve been sent a lot of photos, screenshots and conversations so it’s really hard to deny what’s going on but I just can’t confirm it.”

Mitch and Tamara sparked couple-swapping rumours on Valentine’s Day when they were pictured enjoying a drink together at a bar on the Gold Coast.

Ella and Mitch returned to the reunion as a couple.

(Image: Nine)

Meanwhile, Ella and Brent have maintained they’re still only friends.

“I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m still just healing and getting over stuff like with Mitchell and Tamara and just like all the all the c–p that’s been going on in the past few months,” she said when asked about romance rumours.

“We do hang out, we actually spend a bit of time together but I’m just not ready. Like I’m just not there.

But Ella gave us a glimmer of hope when asked if she could see herself with Brent in the future, saying: “We really do get along and we are pretty similar, but I still don’t really know him that well.

“We haven’t had deep conversations yet, we haven’t spent that real quality time together so I don’t know. I just want to get to know him.”

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