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Married At First Sight: Lizzie’s panic pregnancy test shop

Who's the daddy?
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As one of the show’s first brides to exit filming late last year, it’s believed jewellery store manager Elizabeth returned to a former flame back home in Newcastle after leaving the show heartbroken.

“Liz had a guy she was particularly close with prior to entering the show and they’ve known each other for ever,” a source close to the blonde tells Woman’s Day.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s back with him.”

The insider also confirms that a year ago, the mystery man and Lizzie had told their closest friends they were considering starting a family!

Now in photos obtained exclusively by Woman’s Day, it can be revealed the 27-year-old’s plans to start a family may have come sooner than expected.

An eagle-eyed shopper reveals they spotted Lizzie shopping for a pregnancy test a few weeks ago in Newcastle.

Decisions, decisions…

Lizzie was spotted phoning a friend for help.

“She was in a bit of a panic, so if she was trying to avoid attention she went around it the wrong way,” quips the shopper.

“She headed straight to the pregnancy tests and phoned a friend for help.”

WATCH: Elizabeth has to defend herself to the group on Married At First Sight. Post continues…

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“She was in a bit of a panic…”

It appears the reality star was overwhelmed with the number of options on the shelf, with the source explaining it took a flustered Lizzy 10 minutes to pick a test before darting to the checkout.

Watch this space…

Our source reveals it took 10 minutes for Lizzie to purchase a test before she rushed to the checkout. (All images exclusive to Woman’s Day)

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