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Married At First Sight’s Billy spills the tea on Susie’s “toxic” behaviour

“She's in it for fame!”
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After weeks of what he terms “abuse”, Billy isn’t holding back following his and Susie’s decision to leave the experiment.

“She was 110 per cent on it [MAFS] for fame,” Billy, 29, tells TV WEEK.

“She only wanted to give me affection when the cameras were rolling.”

Billy says Susie was on MAFS for fame.

Billy says he asked Susie, 26, if she’d talk to him when the cameras were off. Her answer?

“Why don’t we save our thoughts until the cameras come around again?” he says, doing an impersonation of her.

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Viewers have been outraged by Susie’s treatment of Billy − but she doesn’t seem too fazed by the public backlash.

Earlier this month, the blonde was photographed on a date with rugby league player Todd Carney − often in the news himself for off-field indiscretions, just 500 metres from Billy’s work in Byron Bay in northern NSW.

“She doesn’t even have the respect to keep it on the down-low!” he says.

Billy says his bride doesn’t have “respect.”

Susie and Todd have been spotted together on several occasions, photographed kissing as they were seen leaving The Stamford Plaza hotel in Brisbane in February.

Todd’s mother Leanne also recently posted a picture to Facebook of Susie joining the family for a shared dinner in Byron Bay.

Todd’s mother Leanne shared a family snap (Image: Facebook)

Though their time in the experiment has come to an end, Susie and Billy will be reunited on-screen in the coming weeks on MAFS – and we can’t wait to see how their fateful reunion went down!

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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