Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Billy confronts Susie: “You’re a brat”

After unleashing on Susie’s “enabling” friends, Billy stands up to his wife's “nasty” behaviour on MAFS

By TV Week team
Things were going surprisingly well for Billy and Susie on Married At First Sight tonight… for about two minutes.
The controversial couple were setting up for a quiet dinner during their home stay at Susie's place in Queensland, when her dad Steve showed up to throw gasoline on the fire.
Much like at their wedding reception, Steve accosted Billy for not being what Susie wants in a man. According to Steve, Billy is "too weak" for his daughter and a little fighting is good for their relationship.
"I did expect much more from you," Steve told Billy. "You do what I said to you and you're going to win. Otherwise I'm wasting my time."
Ah yes, winning. The solid foundation of every relationship.
Later in the episode, Billy made a lighthearted joke (which Steve laughed at) that resulted in Susie storming away from the table, and later out of the house.
After recollecting herself, Susie returned home and asked Billy to temporarily forget the fight and get ready for drinks with her friends.
Unimpressed by the earlier antics, Billy dropped all sense of pretence and told her friends the truth about the difficult few weeks they've been having. He also told them he had written down 'leave' at the previous commitment ceremony.
Shocked by the awkward situation, two of Susie's friends asked to speak to Billy one-on-one, where they explained that Susie has a "strong" personality and that her antics comes from a "good place."
Billy wasn't impressed by the response from Susie's friends.
Not having it with yet another excuse, Billy put his foot down.
"I see how she acts towards other people and then I see how she acts towards me and I don't see it as a bubbly or big personality, I see it as rude. Does she treat her other partners like this?" Billy asked.
When the friends revealed she hasn't had this issue before, Billy continued: "Susie is pissed off she didn't get what she wanted at the end of that aisle."
Visibly uncomfortable, the two friends questioned how Susie could be entirely to blame.
"I feel like it takes two to tango," one friend said. "And I feel like if you put the pressure on one person it's never going to work."
Billy, finally having had enough, unleashed on her friends.
"Yeah, well the pressure has been put on me and I have been trying to make it work. But she's - I'm sorry to say, I'm not going to agree with you - she's difficult, she's nasty and I can't stand her to tell you the truth."
Getting up from the table he told the girls, "you can have your friend."
Billy has had enough.
Fans also saw Billy's emotional breakdown in front of the cameras, where he vented about Susie's behaviour.
"She surrounds herself with enablers," Billy said, referring to how Susie's friends had defended her for being a 'big personality.'
"Everybody in her life are enabling this attitude. I am so worn out, this is what happens when you coil up a spring.
"They can have Susie, they can have her! They love her for what she is. A rude, obnoxious, nasty woman."
"My poor girlfriends. You do not treat people like that," Susie said to the camera, irony not lost on viewers.
Heading home later that evening, Billy approached his wife in the living room.
"We need to have a big talk," Billy began. "I'm just so upset and so disappointed. It's killing me, I care about you a lot and I just don't understand why you're acting towards me with such nastiness and talking to me in a condescending way."
Uninterested, Susie told Billy he needed to go stay somewhere else, adding that she wasn't going to have this discussion. She walked away from the table and went to sit - silently - on the couch.
"You know what, that's your problem Susie. You don't listen to anyone and you surround yourself with people who dilute you," Billy told his wife. "That's why you have a bad attitude and bad behaviour and that's why you will not find a nice man. I'm trying to help you, my dear, but you're a brat."
"Beauty is only skin deep," he continued. "Someday you're not gonna look as good as you look right now and then what? What do you have?
"Let me just say something before I go, you and me are done, completely over, and it makes me extremely happy to say so," Billy told Susie as he walked out the door. "This experience has been one of the worst of my life."
Yes, this very intense monologue occurred while Susie sat on the couch, tea in hand, without saying a word. The girl takes silent treatment to a whole other level.
In an incredibly cringe-worthy scene, Billy unfortunately had to go back in to the house to pick up an item he forgot.
"I know your intentions for being on this were false as well, so cheers," Billy told a still-silent Susie as he walked to the cupboard. "I was a nice guy and you completely screwed me over."
Billy had to go back in to the house after forgetting to grab an item from the kitchen.
And on that uncomfortable note, the episode came to a close with no hint as to how the relationship fallout will continue tomorrow night. Oh, the drama!
Despite his ranting, viewers were quick to throw their support behind Billy.
"Wow! Billy hit the nail on the head! SURROUNDED BY ENABLERS," wrote a fan on Twitter, with many others echoing the sentiment.
Married At First Sight continues Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Nine.

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