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Married At First Sight Australia’s Janelle hopes to return in 2024 after feeling “robbed”

''I really was robbed of the experience''
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Married At First Sight Australia’s former bride Janelle was ready to start a commotion at ‘girls night’ as she faced Claire for the first time after leaving the experiment due to the cheating scandal involving her husband, Adam.

What Janelle didn’t expect was Claire’s apology just minutes after she entered the room, and all the anger seemingly washed away for Janelle.

Janelle was upset for weeks after exiting the experiment.

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It’s no secret Janelle’s experience on MAFS wasn’t ideal, rather than getting a dreamy love story she got a cheating scandal.

But fans are hoping the one-off ‘girl’s night’ isn’t the last time we will see Janelle on the reality dating series and Janelle isn’t opposed to the idea.

While speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Janelle revealed she would love to return to MAFS in 2024.

“If I could come back next year, I would say yes because I really was robbed of the experience,” she said.

Janelle deserves a real love story!

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“I really think from day one I was completely stitched up with someone that was not at all what I asked for, and I knew that.

“I was very realistic that I wasn’t going to be paired with someone that I asked for because the whole experiment is to be paired with someone that’s going to challenge you and help you grow and potentially find a connection.”

If the young beauty influencer was to return for season 11, she hopes the relationship experts could “perfectly pair” her with someone that there could be a viable future with. Janelle confessed she wouldn’t be overly “hopeful” as she was the first time around.

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“I went on there really hoping that I could find something out of this, because wouldn’t being married and continuing a relationship off the show be the most romantic story ever?” she said.

“I should’ve been more aware that it was probably not going to happen.”

Afterall, they don’t call it the MAFS curse for no reason.

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