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Married At First Sight Australia’s Melinda and Layton dish on their big plans

''I feel that we're a lot stronger.''
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Melinda Willis and Layton Mills admit that watching themselves back on Married At First Sight this year has been tougher than going through the actual experiment.

“There were times where we thought, ‘OK, this is us done,'” Melinda, 32, tells Woman’s Day. “It really, really tested us way beyond our limits that you see in the show. As soon as it aired, we were like, ‘I’m not talking to you!'”

Following the taping of their final vows – where they came out as just one of two couples still intact – in November, Layton, 32, says they only had a sliver of time to enjoy themselves as a couple.

“We’ve had some awesome holidays together – we spent Christmas together, and did Valentine’s Day – we had this beautiful honeymoon period – but then the show airs,” he says.

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(Image: Phillip Castleton)


But after all the hurdles they’ve faced, the couple are happy to announce that they’re still very much together, in a “really good place”.

“The fact that we got over it when we actually thought we wouldn’t, and survived that pressure cooker and bubble that is MAFS – I feel that we’re a lot stronger,” Melinda adds.

The pair even announced Layton is packing up his belonging and is moving to Brisbane to live with Melinda.

While speaking on Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza’s podcast Back to Reality, the couple revealed the big move is happening “within a month.”

“He’s currently packing up shop now, like looking at doing all that and then moving so,” she said.

“He’s got a lot of friends and family in Brisbane. So it actually worked out pretty well. We’ve been doing some FaceTime, not a lot. “

And part of their plan to keep their relationship strong is to keep meddler Harrison Boon, 32, out of it!

“Look, we saw him the other night at an event and he ran up to us and gave us a big hug. But you just can’t talk to him for too long – or really trust him,” says Melinda. “So before he can get in our head again, I just said, ‘We’re going!'”

They’re staying away from Harrison.

(Image: Phillip Castleton)


As the couple recuperate from the show, they reveal they’ve been discussing their living arrangements. As it stands, Melinda still lives in Brisbane and Layton’s in Sydney. They’re talking about moving in together, with Layton thinking of making the big move up to Brisvegas.

“I love the city. I think it’s awesome. So, we’ve just been waiting for the show to finish airing to sort out timings, and what that looks like,” Layton says.

And wherever they may find a home, they’ll be looking for a big backyard for their “next big step” – a dog! “I want an Italian greyhound,” Melinda says excitedly. “It’s just me as a dog.”

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