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Read all the shocking leaked text messages from Married At First Sight Australia’s contestants

When will they learn?
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The Married At First Sight Australia brides and grooms never learn to stop sending controversial text messages, because its most likely the ‘private conversations’ will be leaked online.

The most recent to fall victim to leaked messages is polarising personality Bronte which seem to prove that the bride is faking her relationship with Harrison for social media clout.

Several cast members have since spoken to the Daily Mail confirming that the text messages were an accurate reflection of Bronte’s behaviour on the show.

”Bronte had a game plan and knew exactly what she was doing all along,” one bride exclaimed.

”She wanted to play the victim and she said that’s how you get the most followers when everyone feels sorry for you.”

In weeks prior Rupert and Dan also found themselves in hot water after Rupert supposedly accidently butt-dialed his wife, Evelyn during a night out. But according to the leaked messages, the butt-dial never involved Dan?

“Hey mate, there’s something that’s been on my mind and it’s been burning at me. That butt dial didn’t happen, we both know it didn’t/ The convo I had with you was during daylight and was between 4:30 and 5:30pm,” Dan wrote to Rupert.

What did Evelyn hear?

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While asking Dan what happened during the boys night, Evelyn said the comments were made between 8-9pm.

“We were also in a very loud place and I’ve since been back there this weekend and tested an actual phone call with the phone at the table and you cannot hear any convos at all,” Dan continued.

Rupert then revealed how Evelyn texted him saying she heard everything Hugo said and “nothing about [Dan].”

“Evelyn has since told me when I was smoked I’ve told her that you used to smash some good sorts back in the day and I honestly wasn’t thinking at the time and I’m so sorry I obviously know now not to discuss anything about my nights out with anyone, and I had not meant to get you caught up in that at all,” Rupert wrote.

Adam had no empathy when the truth came out.

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Sandy who witnessed the explosive kiss between Adam and Claire that has rocked the MAFS experiment, Janelle and Jesse in particular.

According to the text messages, Sandy was incredibly disappointed by the kiss and messaged Adam back and forth from 10:30pm to 12:30am on the same night as the incident. Adam apologised to the bride, writing:

“I’m sorry for how I made you [feel] honestly,” he wrote. “Just wanna turn back the clocks and start fresh for real.”

Sandy responded that she didn’t “hate” Adam however given the circumstance she would “have to tell Molly” – the MAFS producers – about the kiss. But given the major gap between the event and the truth being revealed, we can guess Sandy never informed producers.

Sandy knew!

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“I never hold grudges or dislike anyone, this whole experience is bringing out the worst in all of us, but at the end of the day no one will understand it like we all do.”

Adam said the experiment was “getting the better” off all the contestants.

“I’m glad you’re not holding me to that,” he said.

“And production clearly doing their absolute best to twist s—t and turn people on each other.

“No matter what drama we all gotta face we all be friends after this once all [is] said and done.”

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The text messages revealing Sandy new about the cheating scandal has shocked MAFS fans after Claire aired her guilty conscience and confided in Sandy who seemed surprised by the news.

In addition, producers later found a diary entry from Sandy which detailed the night of the cheating scandal which wrote “Jesse is more clued on than we thought” regarding his suspicions between Adam and Claire.

During the night of the first commitment ceremony, Sandy also wrote she could “feel Adam’s eyes on [her]. It’s awkward.”

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