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Who are the intruders for Married At First Sight Australia 2023?

Could love be on the cards for the intruders?
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With two couples already opting out of the Married At First Sight Australia experiment for 2023, two new couples – otherwise known as the ‘intruders’ – have entered the experiment and they are ready for love.

So, who are they?

“Why have I done this?”

(Image: Nine)

Tayla and Hugo

The first MAFS intruders to appear are Tayla and Hugo. There was some tension at first as Tayla told her husband that she had a goat with the same name! Luckily the joke was laughed off.

Travelling to the wedding ceremony was no short journey for Tayla as she began to get cold feet and panicked in the car, even going so far as wanting to get out.

“Why have I done this? This is terrible,” she said.

“We should just go to the pub… this is too much.”

Tayla was getting cold feet in the lead up to the ceremony.

(Image: Nine)

Meanwhile, Hugo couldn’t wait to get to know his bride and it was fireworks for him after laying eyes on her.

“The moment I turned around, my heart leapt out of my chest a little bit,” he said. “One space cadet can definitely recognise another space cadet.”

Although Hugo isn’t what Tayla expected and “definitely not [her] usual type,” the nervousness washed away as she loved his vows.

Evelyn didn’t know how to respond to Rupert’s awkwardness.

(Image: Nine)

Evelyn and Rupert

The second intruders, Evelyn and Rupert’s wedding ceremony was a trainwreck!

While walking down the aisle, poor Rupert dropped the wedding rings then had an awkward meeting with his bride’s parents who certainly weren’t impressed with his crude joke in his vows.

“Today my mum would be so proud that we’ve upheld the one rule of no sex before marriage,” he said.

While trying to dig through his pocket to find their wedding rings, he said: “At least I’ve got mine.”

Rupert couldn’t find the rings…

(Image: Nine)

In which she responded: “That’s good you can marry yourself.”

Afterwards, fellow contestant Cameron joked that Evelyn was going to “rip [Rupert] to shreds.”

While Evelyn tried to ignite some passion with her new husband, it just wasn’t working as Rupert was still nervous at the wedding reception and photoshoot. Evelyn initiated the conversations, but was disappointed when Rupert didn’t reciprocate the same attitude of wanting to know more about his new partner.

“It feels like I’m kissing the tin man,” she said.

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