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Insider reveals why couples from the Married At First Sight Australia reunion finale were cut

Fans are furious.
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Married At First Sight Australia 2023 has come to an end but fans are feeling “robbed” of closure after four couples were cut from the finale.

While some vicious rumours were laid bare on the couch including the Tayla and Cam scandal and even the accidental butt-dial, but reportedly fans missed out on some even juicer moments.

Not Jesse trying to hide from all the drama at the reunion dinner party!

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But before we get into the finale, Tahnee and Ollie have recently revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the reunion dinner party was “way more chaotic than what was shown.”

“I remember looking around and there were three arguments that they could have centred a whole episode around happening at the one time,” Ollie shares.

“At one point the producers came in and said, ‘Guys, everyone is screaming over the top of each other, we can’t hear a darn thing’.”

Tahnee added: “There was Dan and Sandy confrontation, Janelle and Adam confrontation, Caitlin and Shannon.”

“At one point I was sitting across from Jesse and we were both literally looking left right, left right. We were like, where do we look? Which fight are we listening to?”

Tahnee was “disappointed” the producers cut Sandy’s girl power moment where she held Dan accountable and confronted him for all of his actions.

“She was owning him and coming forward with all this stuff she had heard, and he had nothing to say,” she said.

Allegedly, these two were on the couch the longest.

(Image: Nine)

Back to the finale, one bride has reportedly exposed all anonymously to the Daily Mail, revealing that Harrison and Bronte had the longest time on the couch which comes as no surprise, but why wasn’t it aired?

It allegedly didn’t suit the narrative of the show according to the publications source.

But fans were furious to see the fire-starter couple not on the couch.

“Woahh, they’re not giving us Bronte and Harrison on the final episode?” one wrote on Twitter.

WATCH: Married At First Sight’s Evelyn parties with Duncan and Harrison. Article continues after video.

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We would have loved to see this reunion!

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Another tweeted: “Feeling a bit cheated by the reunion finale. No final Brontë and Harrison tea-spilling?”

However, another theme in the Twitter-verse was fans finding it “delicious” the pair didn’t get the airtime “they so desperately wanted.”

Harrison also allegedly told fellow contestant Duncan: “Why would he want to be with a single 35-year-old mum with baggage when he can pick up 22 year old’s after this,” the source claimed.

To add to the missed drama, Melissa reportedly made a dramatic exit after feeling “s—t shammed” and “inconsolable” after watching her edit.

Mel reportedly walked out.

(Image: Nine)

“Melissa was having none of it and didn’t want a bar of production, she ripped off her microphone and announced she was leaving. They knew they did her wrong and let her walk out,” the source told Daily Mail.

Given the Cam and Tayla scandal, we are shocked to see Tayla and Hugo never made the final edit. Perhaps Tayla didn’t have anymore slip ups.

Evelyn and Hugo were also absent from the couch but given their somewhat friendly ending, we doubt there was any juicy television-worthy drama.

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