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Married At First Sight’s Lyndall and Cameron set to be the next Cam and Jules

Could it be true love?
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Season 10 of Married At First Sight Australia has truly put its best foot forward this year, with one extraordinary couple who could survive outside the experiment – a rarity for the dating series.

The first episode featured two very different couples, Lyndall and Cameron, and Harrison and Bronte. Any fan who watched the first episode would understand who we think is the “true love” couple…

Do you think they’ll survive?

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Their aren’t many success stories from MAFS, besides the exceptional – and rare – couples including Cam and Jules or Martha and Michael. There’s been 83 couples across the first nine seasons, and less than five are still together today.

But perhaps the experts got it right this time with Lyndall and Cameron!

Despite Cameron’s “she’ll be right” country attitude, this 27-year-old Carpenter from the Northern Territory was extremely nervous to meet his new bride.

There were also a few tears from Lyndall in the moments before the wedding ceremony.

Cameron looks smitten!

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After new medication for Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Lyndall increased her life expectancy by in excess of 30 years, the 27-year-old accountant from Perth has a new lease on life and is ready to find true love.

“I definitely thought about my wedding day a lot when I was younger,” Lyndall said.

“But you do kind of think ‘well how could I ask someone to be with me forever, when my forever is a lot shorter than theirs?”

But their union got off to a perfect start, as the wind gently blew Lyndall’s veil and Cameron’s fear turned into a goofy smile. We were absolutely melting over their first interaction!

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The pair clearly share the same sense of humor, after the ceremony they couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces as Lyndall and Cameron bonded over their love of seafood and Red Thai Curry.

Lyndall’s mood only momentarily dropped after she decided to tell her new husband of her health diagnosis, scared he “might not understand.” However, Cameron revealed he was familiar with the disease after a friend passed away.

Rather than being afraid to form a close connection with Lyndall, Cameron said he was “proud” and “happy” for her.

The pair then jetted off to Fraser Island, bonding over their love for the water and growing on their instant connection!

“The whole thing’s felt really comfortable and natural. But I feel like now, its like, I think he really knows me pretty well,” Lyndall said. “It’s like its all coming together.”

Lyndall is dropping a lot of truth bombs lately.

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Other than Lyndall’s occasional, but massive, truth bombs these two stay relatively out of trouble. But Lyndall’s need to tell fellow brides the truth about what she has seen, may have just caused a rift between her and Cameron.

After seeing fellow co-star, Shannon with a child and another woman – who Claire and Lyndall guessed could be his ex-girlfriend and child – both brides wanted to reveal the truth to Caitlin. However, Cameron refused to get involved in someone else’s drama.

“I didn’t sign up for drama,” he said.

Lyndall remained adamant that she wanted to ask questions despite it being uncomfortable, while Cam decided to ‘stay in his own lane’. It was certainly an awkward car ride to the second dinner party as Lyndall felt that she wasn’t being supported and asked her husband to not let this “destroy” them.

Cam’s remote work could ruin them.

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However, something else could “destroy” these two and that problem is long distance. Until now, Lyndall hasn’t quite understood the lengths of Cam’s remote work.

At the dinner party, Cam confessed he could be away for weeks, a month or even from six months to a year depending on the work. The statement was so black and white, it left Lyndall feeling as if there was no compromise.

Given Lyndall’s feelings that their is poor communication between them, she doesn’t understand how a healthy long distance relationship will work. The answer is… they won’t.

This isn’t the face of a happy man.

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Some hard truths were revealed in the lead up to the final vows and Cam revealed Lyndall may not fit into his lifestyle nor was she “ready to be in a relationship with [him].”

In the final vows, Lyndall said the affectionate man she met on their wedding day faded throughout the experiment.

“I constantly had to beg for a shred of affection, your time, your attention and your support when I was hurting,” she said.

“I drove myself insane trying to figure out how to be the partner you wanted. I’ve realised there was never anything I could do to be the partner you wanted, because you simply don’t want one.”

“I want to build I’m life proud of, and that life does not include you.”

Afterwards, Lyndall didn’t even give Cam the chance to speak his vows knowing she would be ‘disappointed’. And so the groom threw his speech on the ground and walked away.

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