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MAFS’s Ryan Gallagher caught in bed with a costar…and it wasn’t Davina

The drama keeps on coming!
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Well well well, the show may have ended months ago but the Married At First Sight revelations keep on coming!

Ryan Gallagher, has told The Herald Sun that he was asked to leave the show after being caught in bed with another costar. And it was not his wife Davina. In fact, in a twist no one saw coming, the costar in question was Telv Williams when they ended up in the same hotel room after a big night out.

The bromance got the pair of them into a lot of trouble when Telv’s wife on the show, Sarah Roza, contacted the producers thinking her hubby was cheating on her.

Ryan says, “I broke curfew with Telv. We got home at 9am. I went back to the unit and I slept in the same bed as him and I was not meant to be there.

‘She [Sarah] rang the producers crying saying, ‘I think he has another girl in the room.'” Oops!

Since he and Davina had split after her illicit “affair” with Dean and was no longer on the show, Ryan wasn’t meant to be on set with other contestants and producers then made him promise not to return to the units, i.e. booting him off the show.

Talk about a forbidden romance, we’re looking forward to hearing Ryan’s stand-up material on it!

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