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MAFS and The Bachelor at war: Abbie Chatfield reveals why she defended Domenica Calarco

''Miss Chatfield…''
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There has been nothing but drama in the Married At First Sight universe lately, enough to prompt outspoken Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield to weigh in.

The MAFS Instagram account posted the promo for Domenica Calarco’s new talk-show called Dom’s Debrief, where she will chat to her former co-stars to discuss their lives after the dating series.

Her co-stars joked they wouldn’t be accepting Domenica’s call, meanwhile Abbie praised the career move.

Abbie Chatfield congratulated Dom on her career move.

(Image: Instagram)

“The jealousy from ex-contestants in these comments is so funny,” Abbie commented. “slay dom x”.

However, MAFS groom Daniel Holmes didn’t seem impressed that Abbie was ‘meddling’ in another shows affairs and replied: “zip it dork”.

According to, Daniel took to an Instagram Q&A not long after calling Abbie “a washed-up chick from The Bachelor or something.”

“And she came in guns blazing on a MAFS post that she has nothing to do with, and I was like, if you come at us, I am just going to throw heat back at you. It’s pretty simple,” he said.

Daniel labelled Abbie “washed-up” on his Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Abbie has never been the type of person to shy away from expressing her opinion – she built a career off of it – and expressed on Instagram that she only called out their “jealousy.”

“So firstly some man I couldn’t pick out in a lineup of two – even one – replied and was like ‘zip it dork’… they were all getting very upset in the comments that I caught [out] their jealousy,” she said in a story posted to her Instagram.

“I saw some comments saying that the whole cast hate Dom and there must be things we aren’t seeing and to that I say… no there’s not. Obviously there are things we haven’t seen because we can’t see everything at all times.”

“Abbie has no idea what she’s talking about.”

(Image: Instagram)

“It’s just very transparent [that] people from MAFS are just very jealous of Dom and opportunities that she’s gotten.”

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer also commented on the promo post, writing: “but producers don’t favour anyone, right?”

Abbie subsequently noted that television producers do “pick favourites” as it “makes their jobs easier because they are better talent, they’re more likeable or more eccentric.”

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After Abbie’s jealousy comment, Olivia advised her to not “take sides” in an Instagram Live.

“Miss Chatfield… Kindness is the answer. Stop being a p—-,” Olivia said.

“Abbie has no idea what she’s talking about. She wasn’t a member on our show. She wasn’t behind the scenes. She has no idea what she’s talking about.

“I think uneducated people should probably stay in their lane.”

Abbie has since responded to the situation while hosting her It’s A Lot podcast and said she was “s— shamed” like MAFS’ Domenica Calarco.

“I was never mean to anyone, I was never rude to anyone, I never exposed someone’s only fans, I was s— shamed for humping someone on a beach and saying, ‘I want to f— you’.”

“I went through what Dom went through, not what all of you went through. You are the people who made my life hell on The Bachelor and after The Bachelor, who created this weird thing that I was an awful person because I had an abortion, because I’m bisexual and I wasn’t out yet and one of them tried to force me to come out and told me I have to tell Matt on my next date.”

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