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From faking it to making it: Here are all the wild whispers about MAFS’ Johnny and Kerry still being together

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Intruder couple Johnny and Kerry have become the saving grace of this season of Married At First Sight.

When golden couple Booka and Brett, who were pinned as initial favourites, inevitably went the way of so many couples before them and ripped our hearts out mercilessly, Johnny and Kerry stepped in.

The spark between Kerry and Johnny was instantaneous, and while we’re somewhat jaded from our experience with Booka and Brett, this couple are showing positive signs of sticking it out.

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The couple became instant faves.

(Channel Nine)

Even when times started to get tough – Johnny feeling uncomfortable with Kerry’s closeness to her ex-husband – the duo managed to talk it out like adults.

The newly-weds have gone from strength to strength as we near the end of the experiment, but are the couple all that they seem?

According to Megan Pustetto’s So Dramatic! podcast, a source has revealed that associate director Johnny is actually a PAID ACTOR who was asked by a Channel Nine producer to go on the show.

Say it ain’t so! Does that mean that all those romantic one-liners he’s been feeding to Kerry are fake?

Well, don’t lose hope yet, because there’s more to the story.

Just look at them!

(Channel Nine)

The podcast went on to reveal that, even though Johnny did initially go on the show as an act, he actually ended up really falling for Kerry and the couple are still together!

A friend of Johnny’s told Megan, “I can confirm that Kerry and Johnny are still very much together.

She then went on to add: “Johnny is actually an actor though, he was asked by a producer to go on the show and he did an audition; but, funnily enough, he and Kerry actually ended up working out.”

The couple has also been spotted together since filming wrapped, which is always a positive sign.

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