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MAFS star Dean Wells proposes to Aimee Wooley from Beauty and the Geek

''MAFS was a total stitch-up for me and left me with a bitter taste about marriage''
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Dean Wells was ‘married’ to Tracey Jewel on Married At First Sight Australia back in 2018. While their reality TV romance didn’t work out, Dean is now happily engaged to Aimee Wooley.

“She is the sweetest, funniest, craziest and most genuine person I have ever met. We dived in head first and moved in together after just a few weeks and the next natural step was to propose,” Dean told Yahoo Lifestyle of his decision to pop the question to his partner of one year.

The couple reportedly got together in August 2022.

(Credit: Instagram)

The Beauty and the Geek star, Aimee, is 24, while Dean is 45. The pair reportedly started dating in August 2022, before becoming engaged one year later in 2023.

The couple shared engagement photos to Instagram, showing Dean proposing on Biribu Beach in front of two camels.

The couple spent the afternoon riding camelback to reflect on their memories of their church in Manly. The church is involved in a camel parade every year, and it was one of Aimee’s first experiences with Dean, after moving to Sydney from Tasmania.

Aimee and Dean out for a date night with other MAFS stars Carolina Santos and Codey Bromley.

(Credit: Instagram)

On MAFS, Dean wasn’t exactly a fan-favourite. His behaviour – in particular “cheating” on his partner Tracey – was the subject of great controversy.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Dean stated, “MAFS is different for everyone but for me, it was a total stitch-up and left me with a bitter taste about marriage.”

His view on marriage appear to have changed now since meeting Aimee.

“I was a bit scarred from the experience but when I met Aimee she renewed my faith in real, honest, true love.”

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