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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Booka spills on the moment that may tear her marriage to Brett apart

''Self-absorbed and self-obsessed.''
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As the drama erupted between most of the couples on Married At First Sight, lovebirds Booka and Brett seemed untouchable – until Feedback Week rolled around.

This week, the couples are tasked with writing an honest letter for another couple.

But when musician Booka received her letter, the 
contents left her gutted.

Has musician Booka booked herself a place in Brett’s future or not?

(Credit: Nine Network)

“When I read that letter, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me,” Booka, 31, tells TV WEEK, revealing that it described her as “self-absorbed and self-obsessed”.

The letter was written by Patrick – Brett’s closest friend and confidant – and Booka knew the information in it wasn’t plucked out of thin air.

“All I could think was that Patrick has heard this from somebody who has painted this really ugly picture of me – and that his best friend is my husband.”

As Brett read the letter aloud, Booka felt like she was losing her grip on reality.

Patrick (left) wrote a letter to Booka for his best mate Brett.

(Credit: Nine Network)

“It came out of nowhere,” she says.

“Like, ‘Wait a minute – if this is the relationship you’ve been living in, what relationship have 
I been in this whole time?'”

A bruised Booka decides to throw herself into planning an evening Brett would never forget.

She transforms 
the apartment into a ‘Brett Palace’, filling it with things she knows he’d 
love – such as an inflatable fishing boat 
and his favourite cooking hat – and plastering his face on the walls.

“I wanted to prove I’m not always intensely serious,” she explains. 

“That even when I’m really, really 
hurt, I can still crack jokes.”

The letter’s contents hurt her deeply.

(Credit: Nine Network)

But when Brett sees Booka’s unusual take on the romantic evening Patrick had suggested, he wasn’t impressed.

“His response went from laughing 
at it to, ‘OK, this isn’t funny anymore,'” she says, adding that she told him to “lighten up”.

“It was a below-the-belt thing to say, but I was angry and trying to express my hurt,” Booka says.

“I feel that’s how I deal with difficult situations – I get a bit weird and creative with it.”

Is this the end for Booka and Brett?

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