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EXCLUSIVE PICS: MAFS stars Kasey and Cathy say their “babies will be besties!”

The future MILFS spill the beans on life after MAFS...
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They may have left the experiment without husbands, but at least MAFS babes Cathy Evans and Kasey Osborne gained a BFF in one another.

Sitting down with NW after our sexy swimsuit shoot – helloooo, hotties! – the gal pals tell us they “bonded straight away” after intruder Kasey rocked up to her first dinner party mid-way through filming.

“We try to see each other and catch up as much as we can,” Cathy, 26, explains.

With Kasey, 31, adding that “we have a lot of things in common”, we ask the duo to dish the dirt on their MAFS co-stars, as well as their plans for the future – which includes babies and a make-up empire!

Move over, Kylie Jenner…

KC and Cathy on set of our exclusive photoshoot!

(Image: NW)

Hi, girls. So it sounds like this was definitely a friendship, er, at first sight…

Cathy: It happened organically. Kasey was the most real and down-to-earth person I could relate to throughout the experiment!

Kasey: For me, walking into the dinner party for the first time, it took the girls a while to come up and greet me. But Cathy was the first one to come over and say hi. She walked me to get a drink and introduced herself straight away. We clicked instantly – I love her!

The pair have remained friends since the filming wrapped. “I love hanging out with KC, she’s the best,” Cathy says.

(Source: NW)

Aww, that’s so sweet!

Cathy: I just felt I had to take her under my wing because I’d had weeks and weeks with these crazy animals before

she entered the experiment!

Kasey: Cathy’s had my back since the other girls have come out and said things about me. She’s been protective over me and sees some jealousy from the other women.

Cathy was never jealous, which I really appreciated from her! We had a spa day together to unwind after all the backlash from the online trolls since the show has aired.

Cathy: Oh, my God – we had the best day! We got massages and chatted away. It was a quality good time.

”I am definitely going to be a dance mum!” Kasey admits.

(Source: NW)

You guys are both obsessed with make-up. Any plans to enter the beauty business together?

Kasey: We are! I would love to do a beauty line with Cathy just because I’m so impressed with how well she does her make-up.

I’m good, but Cathy’s a make-up artist, so she’s the expert. I would love to do a collaboration with her and start our own business!

Do it! It’s pretty clear you plan on being a part of each other’s lives for a good while…

Cathy: If I have a few kids and she has a few the same age, we’d definitely be in the same playgroup!

I would love that and think it would be really cute because that way, our kids will have to catch up with each other – which means Kasey and I will have to catch up. It’ll be like, “Alright, kids, we’re going to see Aunty Kasey now!”

Kasey: How cute would that be? And one day when they’re older, we can say, “Look, we were on a show together!”

We’d both be amazing parents, but I’d be more of a dance mum.

I’m more girly than Cathy. She can have a boy and I’ll have a girl… and they can date!

WATCH BELOW: NTL’s two minute speed date with Cathy from MAFS 2020.

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