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EXCLUSIVE: Luke Jacobz & Bec Hewitt’s reunion on Dancing With The Stars should’ve been filmed and made into a movie

It had been a while for the Home and Away stars.
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Their characters mightn’t have crossed over on Home and Away, but Luke Jacobz and Bec Hewitt will always share a special bond.

Indeed, the actors who played beloved characters Hayley and Angelo have been through their own journeys in the aftermath of appearing on one of Australia’s most popular soaps.

And while Luke dabbled in a return to the show while Bec laid low, the pair have made another glamorous reappearance to the spotlight – this time together.

Yes, both soap stars are back on our screens as they hit the D-floor on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

In an exclusive chat with TV WEEK the morning after the premiere episode, Luke revealed a moment that wasn’t shown on screen – but we feel this was a devastatingly missed opportunity…

“I met Bec [Hewitt] back when I was 17, so I’ve got to know her really well. And when we saw each other when we did the first promo shoot [for *Dancing With The Stars], we saw each other’s faces at the same time from like, 15 metres apart.

“And we sort of did this slow motion walk towards each other,” Luke describes as the old friends finally embraced.

Luke was thrilled to reunite with his Home and Away co-stars.


As for his other Home and Away co-star and fellow Dancing comrade Lincoln Lewis, the reunion was a little, er… different.

“I do believe he smacked my bottom,” laughs Luke. “But that’s just Lincoln.”

As for getting back on the dance floor after his initial stint 13 years ago, Luke admits there’s been a slight teething process with sore muscles and his fitness tested to the max.

But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It gives me so much joy, I go to bed with a smile on my face knowing that I’m gonna get up and dance the next day,” he says.

“So when they when they asked me to do it again, there wasn’t a hesitation. It was absolutely yes immediately.”

Despite a few aching muscles, Luke is overjoyed to be doing it all again.


The cast have clearly bonded throughout the process, and the most surprising dancer of all for Luke was Schapelle Corby.

It was the talk of the town when the convicted drug smuggler was announced as a wildcard in the All Stars season, but Luke says she’s taken it all in her stride, and excelled beyond anyone’s expectations.

“She’s the sweetest woman, and you can get really overwhelmed when you’re in the television industry because it’s a big big pressure, and she’s not from that world, but she’s been so great. I’m so surprised by her and I think she’s going to do great.”

The two week series continues tonight with Luke’s first dance set to air. Watch it on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.

Schapelle Corby made an impressive first impression on DWTS.

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