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Has the winner of Love Island 2022 already been leaked?

Fans are convinced they know who is the winning couple!
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The fourth season of Love Island Australia 2022 has FINALLY kicked off and the relationships between contestants are now in full swing.

Now that the public has got to know the contestants who are searching for their perfect match, fans are convinced they know who is going to take home the prize.

Audiences have already witnessed a different coupling process compared to other seasons and saw the first person dumped from the island in episode 1, then brought back for episode 2 – what a rollercoaster of emotions!

So, as it stands, out of the current 12 contestants, who do fans think will come out on top?

Austen and Layla are currently in top spot.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Flocking to the betting site Sportsbet, fans are placing their bets on who they think will win.

Fan favourites are Austen Bugeja and Layla John to win with the odds at $2.75 each. They coupled up in the first episode but there is a long journey ahead and their heads could easily be turned.

Second favourites are couple Mitchell Eliot and Pheobe Spiller, however, in the most recent episode, Pheobe was seen getting very excited with the arrival of two new boys so only time will tell if she stays with Mitchell. Or if he will stay with her for that matter.

It’s not looking so good for these current couples…

(Credit: Nine Network)

Mitchell and Pheobe have been listed on Sportsbet with odds of $3.00.

Fan not so favourites include Jessica Losurdo with betting odds at $8.50 and Callum Hole with odds at $10.00

The first couples of the season were Claudia and Jordan, Pheobe and Mitchell, Jessica and Conor, Layla and Austen and Stella and Andre. Holly was left out in the cold…

But she was given the chance to steal one of the men and start a new couple; an opportunity she, of course, took. Before revealing which man she was going to steal though, Holly explained:

“So, I’d like to couple up with this boy because he’s shown me a really genuine soul which is what I am looking for.”

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She then shared who she was going to steal and said, “The boy I would like to couple up with is…Jordan.”

This meant that Jordan’s original partner, Claudia, was now left withut a partner.

Claudia was booted off the island and brought straight back in with two bombshells.

Fans are bursting with excitement to find out what tonight has in store!

Love Island Australia airs at 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9NOW.

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