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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Karl Stefanovic’s secret friendship with Married At First Sight star Dion Giannarelli

Dion has rubbed shoulders with TV stars before.
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Groom Dion Giannarelli says he’s “heartbroken” after splitting from wife Carolina Santos following her betrayal.

“I don’t know what she was there for, to be honest,” he tells Woman’s Day.

Since things went south in the experiment, the heartbroken suitor has been leaning on family and friends, especially his close pals Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic, who he says have been checking in on him “every day”.

Dion loves spending time with Jasmine and the Today host.

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“They’ve told me to go out there and be myself and ‘don’t change the person we know and love.

“And if you just continue, being you then everything should be OK,'” Dion tells, revealing he’s been friends with Jasmine, 38, for more than 16 years.

“We met in America through a mutual friend and they’re in business together through their shoe line and I was living over there and we just became really close friends, and then when Karl met Jasmine, I became friends with Karl.

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“We holiday together, we catch up all the time. We’ve got a great friendship… they’re lovely, lovely people.”

While he’s still reeling over Carolina’s betrayal, Dion admits he would “of course” have forgiven Carolina if she’d apologised for cheating with his fellow groom, Daniel Holmes.

“I’m a very forgiving person,” says the 34-year-old property developer, who claims his disastrous turn on MAFS hasn’t turned him off looking for love.

“Not at all,” he says. “When the time is right it will happen.”

Dion is grateful for Karl’s friendship.

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