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Here’s who is heading into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here! 2023

Which of these celebrities will be crowned king or queen of the jungle?
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Now in its ninth season, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is one of Australia’s most loved reality TV shows.

Whilst we’ve had fun guessing who could be entering the jungle this year thanks to a series of cryptic clues and hints from our hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown, we finally know which faces will be on our screens.

Keep scrolling to see the contestants for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Australia 2023.

Debra Lawrance

(IMAGE: Ten)

Forget the African creepy crawlies – the thing that’s worrying actress Debra most about being on I’m A Celebrity is the other celebrities.

”Probably the biggest challenge is being with those people 24/7,” Debra, 66, tells TV WEEK ”I’m a bit of a loner.”

Debra and her husband Dennis Coard, who met when they played Pippa and Michael in Home and Away in 1990, live in Victoria’s Yarra Valley and have to adult children, Grace and Will.

The whole family are fans of I’m A Celebrity.

”We love Julia [Morris],” she says of the show’s co host. ”And Chris [Brown] is pretty easy on the eye too!”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

(IMAGE: Ten)

After being asked to go on I’m A Celebrity every year since it debuted in 2015, Kerri-Anne finally said yes – with a couple of provisos.

The 69 year old daytime TV legend won’t do anything that could damage her knees (”I had two knee replacements last year”) and that she’s allowed to continue wearing makeup.

”That whole au naturel thing in the jungle doesn’t work for me,” she says. ”I wear 50+ sunscreen with a bit of tinted moisturiser and I like my eyebrows and mascara.”

Is there any chance she’ll give up makeup in the jungle?

”Nuh! That’s not going to happen!” Kerri-Anne declares.

Adam Cooney

(IMAGE: Ten)

Brownlow medallist Adam is totally fine with the idea of living on rice and beans in the jungle. Having put on 15kg since he retired from AFL in 2016, Adam, 37, says he’s looking forward to losing some weight.

”Hopefully, there’s someone there who can give us a workout every day so I’ll come out of the jungle 10 kilos lighter!” he says with a laugh.

Peter Helliar

(IMAGE: Ten)

While his commitments to The Project kept him from appearing on I’m A Celebrity over the years, Peter – who quit The Project in 2022 after eight years – jokingly admits he’s now ”run out of excuses.”

”When I left, it was all about taking on new challenges and play a bit of a trust game with the showbiz gods,” Peter, 47, explains. ”And this [I’m A Celebrity] was the first challenge to come my way.

”I realised that If I said no, what does that mean for my attitude going forward? It’s the most out of my comfort zone I’ve ever put myself – in both the things you have to do in the jungle, but also the lack of control.”

Married to wife Bridget and with three sons – Liam, Aidan and Oscar – the comedian admits he’ll likely struggle being away from his family, but hopes he’ll do them proud.

”I haven’t been apart from them for, probably, more than a week [at a time],” Peter says.

”But they’re excited. However, if there’s a Collingwood footballer in there, my kids will likely vote for them instead of me!”

Anna Polyviou

(IMAGE: Ten)

Although Anna is a celebrity chef, she has no idea how to cook over an open fire. The 43 year old isn’t a fan of camping and admits she hates ”everything” about the jungle.

”I’m very much a hotel person,” she says. ”I’m scared of the dark, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like snakes…

”My partner [Casey Hardaker] is like, ‘I’ll give you three days and then you’ll be coming home!”’

Domenica Calarco

(IMAGE: Ten)

Former Married At First Sight bride Domenica wants to walk out of I’m A Celebrity as Queen of the Jungle.

”I’m very competitive,” the 30 year old says. ”So I’ve gone in with the mindset that I’m coming home with that crown.”

After surviving MAFS, she’s confident that she can deal with life in the jungle.

”I’ve been around enough snakes!” she quips.

Bianca Hunt

(IMAGE: Ten)

Known for co hosting NITV’s Yokayi Footy alongside Tony Armstrong, Biance has been camping ”maybe twice” in her life and has a fear of sleeping outdoors.

The 26 year old says taking part in I’m A Celebrity scares her ”in a good way.”

”When I came into my career, I decided to not do anything that didn’t make me scared,” she explains.

Woody Whitelaw

(IMAGE: Ten)

Half of radio duo Will & Woody, Woody is also a new dad. He and fiancee Mimi Gibbs welcomed daughter Remi in October last year.

”I’m completely obsessed and can imagine I won’t cope very well without her,” Wood, 34, says.

”I really hope she’ll recognise me on the TV so it’ll be only me who suffers.”

Liz Ellis

(IMAGE: Ten)

The sports commentator and former captain of the Australian netball team could be a big chance after admitting she’s ready to take on the daunting challenges – even if it means jumping off a cliff!

”I’m a little nervous, but I love the adrenaline activities,” Liz, 50, says.

An inspiration to young women her entire career, this time around she’s doing it for her own kids, Eveylyn, 11, and seven year old son Austin.

”When they asked me [to be on I’m A Celebrity], my daughter said, ‘Mum you have to do this!’ ‘When they say that, you can’t say no.”

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson

(IMAGE: Ten)

It’s been more than six years since Ian was last on TV.

The former Australian Idol judge has been living in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and working as a music manager.

So what made him say yes to I’m A Celebrity?

”Two reasons,” Dicko, 60, tells TV Week.

”One: more.”

”Dicko’s second reason for saying yes is that he’s realised TV ”doesn’t hold any spell” over him anymore.

”So it’s probably a good time to go back on TV,” he explains.

Aesha Scott

(IMAGE: Ten)

Having sailed the high seas for the past few years, Below Deck star and chief stew Aesha, 31, admits she’s ”never watched the show!”

Surprises await, Aesha!

Harry Garside

(IMAGE: Ten)

Olympian Harry, 25, may be tough, but will the jungle expose his weakness?

”I don’t really like animals, besides dogs and cats,” he says.

”But I’m excited to share the experience [with the campmates] and explore their lives, as well as my own.”

Nathan Henry

(IMAGE: Ten)

Geordie Shore‘s Nathan admits to being ”quite loud.”

”I don’t shut up, so I might annoy people,” the 32 year old warns.”

Nick Cummins

(IMAGE: Instagram)

While he’s known to many as the animated rugby union star, Nick has also made a name for himself in the world of television after several presenting roles and appearing in both The Bachelor Australia and SAS Australia.

But when it came to joining the campmates on I’m A Celebrity, he admits it took some convincing…..

Nick is the first intruder this season and will be making his appearance in camp on Easter Monday!

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