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Spoiler alert! Everything we know about the 2022 season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

We can't wait to see which celebs rough it in the jungle!
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In the lead up to the 2022 season premiere of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, clues have slowly but surely been dropping one by one.

Kicking off the new year in style, the eighth season of I’m A Celeb will air on January 3, 2022, on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

As we eagerly wait until then to see who exactly will be heading into the jungle, we’ll need to rely on the sneaky hints and Easter egg clues in the meantime.

To make the guessing game a little easier, we’ve rounded up all the clues that have dropped so far on all the celebrities who will be trading in their lives for the jungle.

The eighth season of I’m A Celeb will air on January 3, 2022, on 10 and 10 play on demand, with Julia Morris and Chris Brown returning as hosts.


An “international” star will head into the jungle

Last week, co-host Dr Chris Brown dropped a tantalising hint of a “different kind” of celebrity who will take part.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on their radio show, Chris remained tight-lipped when pressed on the cast, but he did leave us with this little clue.

“So, here’s what I can tell you. We have a celebrity type in the first week that we’ve never had before. Okay, and that no reality show has ever had before,” he revealed.

When asked if the person is known across the globe, Chris responded: “I can’t say. But they have been international at one point.

“They are like, nothing, they’re like no-one. Different category, different genre different everything.”

A promo for the upcoming season continued to tease that “an international reality star” will be heading into the Aussie jungle.

“This hunky wild boy insists he wants to settle down under,” the clip’s narrator said.

But who could it be?

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An Olympian

One of our first clues teased that an Olympic legend is diving into the Aussie jungle.

“She’s a triple gold medallist,” Chris said in the teaser. “She’ll be up to her neck in it,” a creepy voiceover of a terrifying spider adds.

While some fans have left comments on the I’m A Celeb Instagram page saying it must be a diver, it’s most likely a swimmer. The Australian Diving Team have won several Olympic medals but no individual diver has won three gold just yet.

So, who is behind the podium? Funnily enough, the list of suspects is actually quite long considering how high the achievement is. What can we say, Aussies know how to win Gold.

Our bets are on Shane Gould – who previously won another reality TV series on 10, Australian Survivor – or Kaylee McKeown, who is one of Australia’s most recent Gold winners having taken home her medals this year at the Tokyo Olympics.

Julia said she can’t wait to head back into the jungle for the eighth season.


A country singer

A country singer (who has been awarded prestigious Golden Guitars) is heading into the jungle.

For those who don’t know, the CMAA Golden Guitar Awards celebrate Australian Country Music. Stars who’ve picked up one (or 12) include Adam Brand, Keith Urban, Adam Harvey and Kasey Chambers. Honestly there are a lot of options… like, too many. We’re going to need more context clues here.

But, for now, we’re thinking it’s Adam Brand, considering he worked with 10 on The Masked Singer Australia in 2019.

A celebrity chef

“Chris and Julia will have this celebrity chef screaming shiitake mushrooms before they know it!” the network’s Instagram teased.

The clip also revealed that the chef is a woman and said: “Just wait until she sees our mystery box.”

No other clues on this “footy superstar” have been released just yet, so we’ll have to stay tuned for more.


An AFL star

In one of the first-look teasers of the new season, a series of cars went through a COVID testing clinic, with one of the license plates reading ‘AFL star’.

No other clues on this “footy superstar” have been released just yet, so we’ll have to stay tuned for more.

Earlier this year, when filming took place, sources reportedly told Daily Mail Australia that Nathan Buckley would be the one donning the iconic I’m A Celeb Akubra.

Former AFL player and coach, he resigned from Collingwood Magpies in June of this year. While filming for I’m A Celeb took place a few months later in September. In 2022 he’ll be taking on a presenting role with Fox Footy, so it makes sense that he would begin his transition to TV now.

A beauty queen and a comedian

Among the cars in the clip was also one that had the license plate ‘Beauty Queen’, and we can’t wait to see who they are.

Also teased in the clip was a comedian, with more in-depth clues to come.

“Chris and Julia will have this celebrity chef screaming shiitake mushrooms before they know it!” the network’s Instagram teased.


During Ten’s upfronts last month, Chris’ co-host Julia Morris revealed the pair had “an absolute ball” filming doing the show in Australia last season due to COVID.

“We can’t wait to hack our way back into the so-called jungle in 2022. Everyone is going to love our latest bunch of camp mates! I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! is the perfect show for summer,” she said.

“Expect loads of laughs, a few tears, some mind-blowing surprises and the most insane challenges ever seen on Australian TV.”

Sports star/ singer/ comedian/ TV host

A “sports star/ singer/ comedian/ TV host” will be among the celebs heading into the jungle.

“They will be a TV host to a few creepy crawlies as well,” Julia joked in the preview.

We can’t wait to find out who this multi-talented star is!

A famous comedian

In a new preview released on December 9, producers teased a “famous comedian” would be heading into the jungle, and we have a sneaking suspicion it could be Kiwi funny women Urzila Carlson or Melanie Bracewell.

“She’ll be the ultimate “Fush” out of water… no chups,” the ad’s narrator said, hinting the comedian would be from New Zealand.

The footy coach will rely on his sharp brain and tough persona to get him through the jungle.


A Footy Coach

This legendary footy coach will rely on his sharp brain, tough persona and lifelong fitness skills to get him through the jungle, and we can’t wait to find out who it is!

A few clues have dropped to give us a hint as to who he might be, including a pair of white boots, a snap of what looks like a red jersey and an AFL ball.

An AFL Superstar

In previous seasons, the jungle has been packed with sports stars and 2022 is no exception! The mystery AFL legend has played in premierships but it’s his off-field work that’s really kicking goals.

“He may know Aussie rules but how’s he going to go with our rules,” Julia said in the teaser.

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A Mystery Celebrity

This clue in particular has us on the edge of our seats waiting to find out who it could be! A “mystery celebrity twist” has been advertised for the first week of the show, but that’s all the info we’ve been given for now.

“We can tell you, we’ve never done anything like this before,” a voice-over teased.

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