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The Bachelorette’s Angie and Carlin appear to have called it quits after fans point out a sad, yet telling clue on their Instagram accounts

The Bachelorette couple have been together since late 2019.
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Aussie Bachelorette couple Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have appeared to call it quits on their relationship after a telling Instagram clue was revealed.

The pair, who got together during the 2019 season of the show, have had what looked to be a solid relationship over the past eight months or so, but it seems in recent weeks, things have changed.

On Sunday evening, fans pointed out a telling detail in both Angie and Carlin’s Instagram follower list – with neither person appearing to ‘follow’ the other.

In addition, fans noticed the pair haven’t been posting anything together recently.

Over the weekend, Carlin was out and about in Sydney, sharing a number of snaps of himself – though Angie was nowhere to be seen.

Angie herself has stayed silent on the platform over the last couple of days.

Have Carlin and Angie called it quits?


Last week, Woman’s Day reported some other telling details, suggesting the pair had sadly decided to part ways.

Taking to his Instagram, Carlin showed his fans around his new bachelor pad, despite the pair previously living together.

“Those new place feels. Your own decor, your own vision,” he commented of the new place.

Carlin has just moved into his own Bachelor pad.


Carlin later shared a pic of himself having 
a cup of tea and watching 
a movie in bed, and fans were quick to comment on his new living arrangement.

“Do you not live with Angie any more?” One wrote.

Another said: “Seems strange if 2 people in love don’t seem to be seeing each other. I would be so sad if you have parted.”

While Carlin responded 
to several questions about his decor, he didn’t respond to questions about Angie.

The pair certainly didn’t have the smoothest of beginnings – they did long distance for a short stint while Angie remained in her hometown on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and with Carlin based in Sydney.

But as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it seemed all was well between the pair has they holed up together in Sydney.

WATCH: Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt’s quarantine Tik Tok:

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