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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Harry & Tess: “We’re spreading love for Aussie farmers”

The familiar TV couple are fighting for a cause close to their hearts
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Growing up on a dairy farm in country Victoria, Harry Floyd has had many chequered shirts in his wardrobe, all of which hold a special place in his life.

Inspired by his shirt, on August 25, Harry, along with his girlfriend Tess Brookman – who he met on the 2022 season of [Farmer Wants A Wife] – is asking people to “sport a flanno” and support our struggling farmers.

The Flanno for a Farmer campaign is raising funds for Chinchilla-based charity Drought Angels, which provides financial and emotional assistance, food hampers and care packs to farming families across Australia.

“This hits home for me,” Harry, 25, tells Woman’s Day. “Growing up in the millennial drought, it was a bit rough – Mum used to say the only time we’d get a lunch order at school was if it rained.

“Similar organisations to Drought Angels supported my family, so I thought if I can repay the favour, then why not. I appreciate all the work [farmers] do.”

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The couple, who live in Airlie Beach, Queensland, are trying to spread the word among their fellow Farmer contestants, family and friends by creating a hamper

of local goods.

“There’s a big farming community up here. We’re trying to get as many people on board [as we can],” says Tess, 23.

“I think it’s really important people in the city recognise the accessibility they have to food in shops, but also to mental health services, [whereas] farmers work a lot in rural communities and may be isolated.”

They met on Farmer Wants A Wife in 2022.

While they’re loving life in Far North Queensland, the couple say a move back to country Victoria isn’t off the cards.

“I grew up in the city and didn’t go out to the country that much. Ever since I met farmers and lived more rurally, [I’ve found] it’s a beautiful lifestyle,” says Tess.

“We’re still young, we’re getting all of the experiences we can with our careers. Harry’s farm is in Victoria, my family is in Victoria so when that happens…

“For now, Airlie is a good place to call home.”

‘Growing up in the millennial drought…this hits home for me,’ Harry says.

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Sign up or donate here.

How you can help Aussie farmers…

  • Buy Australian-made products, particularly food and fibre.

  • Visit rural and regional communities and stay in a local B&B or tavern.

  • Do your grocery shopping at your local farmers’ market.

  • Donate groceries and household items to our rural heroes through local farmers’ pantries.

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