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Are Farmer Wants A Wife couple Jess and Andrew still together?

Have these two lovebirds made it in the real world?
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Farmer Wants A Wife couple Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan were fan favourites throughout the 2021 season of the Seven dating show and fortunately, the couple are still happily in love!

Throughout their time on show, Andrew and Jess’ chemistry was obvious from the moment they first laid eyes on each other, with the then-27-year-old contestant labelling her farmer a ‘total babe’ in the premiere.

Over the season, their flirtation transformed into true romance, with the pair declaring their love for one another in the finale.

Farmer Andrew and Jess celebrate after the finale.

(Image: Seven Network)

Though it appeared to viewers that their courtship was filled with dramatic ultimatums and a few awkward exchanges about the other contestants, the pair have insisted the drama was all down to the editing, with their drama-free romance continuing to last after the cameras stopped rolling.

The couple first checked in with fans shortly after the finale aired, with Andrew confessing his love to Jess in a sweet Instagram tribute.

“As hard as this whole experience was, and to relive on screen, I can’t say it was all bad. Because I met the most amazing person I have ever met,” the reality TV star wrote at the time.

“Over 6 months together and my love and appreciation for you grows every day. I can’t wait to move forward with our journey and not have to hide it away from the world. Love you babe.”

The couple are still happily in love.

(Image: Seven Network)

In the months following their appearance on the show, the couple spoke out publicly against how their relationship was edited on the show, including their decision to leave mid-season.

“Andrew knew he was going to pick me,” Jess previously told [New Idea] ](|target=”_blank”|rel=”nofollow”). “We went to the producers and told them we’d fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no.”

“After watching a lot of people might think, ‘Why did I choose her?’ Which isn’t true of life,” added Andrew.

“We had a solid love story and they have spun it the other way.”

Jess and Andrew’s love story is still going strong.

(Image: Instagram)

Fortunately for the couple, their solid love story has continued to blossom over the years, with Jess announcing that the pair have recently purchased a beachside property in the coastal town of Merimbula, NSW.

“We bought a beach shack! At one of our favourite places in the world, we’ve been working on this for what feels like forever and we’re so excited to open the doors to our little abode for what will soon be an Airbnb for us to share,” Jess shared to Instagram.

The couple’s new property is just under two hours away from their farm in Delegate that they have shared November 2021.

The couple have recently purchased their first home together.

(Image: Instagram)

Less than one month after the couple announced they had bought their new home, Jess took to Instagram to share the exciting news that her and Andrew are engaged!

“Farmer Wants A Wife 💍❤️,” Jess captioned the announcement.

The latest Farmer bride also shared a close up of her stunning engagement ring, writing, “The most precious thing I could ever own 💛🤍 truly blessed. Thank you future husband.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

(Image: Instagram)

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