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Farmer Wants A Wife Shelby confesses a major bombshell about another contestant to Farmer Brad

She couldn't stay silent any longer.
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It’s time for the farmers’ families to meet the ladies, and there’s a lot on the line. The families will get to choose who the farmers take on the next 24-hour date. What are the girls prepared to do to get that precious one-on-one time?

In Farmer Wants A Wife this week, Shelby, Clare and Morgan are hosting lunch for Brad’s mum Franca, dad Dave, brother Ryan and sister-in-law Emma on the farm in Cootamundra, NSW. Shelby is concerned about how one of the other ladies is behaving.

What will Farmer Brad think?

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“She kind of took over the conversation and just started yarning and building a relationship with Franca and Emma,” Shelby tells TV WEEK. “I was like, ‘Hello, we’re here too!’

“I feel like it was maybe a little bit more energetic and she was just giving more of herself than we’d probably seen at any other time.”

When Shelby gets a few minutes alone with Ryan, she tells him her concerns about the other woman.

“I don’t want to sound like a raging b***h right now,” she says to him, “but I just feel like there’s a facade and I don’t think Brad’s seen that.”

Time to meet the families!

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To Ryan, it’s a “bombshell”. But he does also wonder if Shelby is throwing the other woman under the bus. Will Shelby’s comments to Brad work to her advantage or will they backfire on her?

“I’m a very genuine person,” Shelby tells TV WEEK. “I just had to tell him.”

The 30-year-old boarding house supervisor from Queensland is a latecomer to the farm, as one of the ladies picked by co-host Natalie Gruzlewski.

A former country girl, her friends talked her into applying for the show. Shelby says she didn’t have time to fully fill out her application, just sending in her basic details and her Instagram handle.

“I had a phone call the following day from one of the casting producers,” she remembers.

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Shelby was attracted to Brad’s “cheeky personality” and thought he was “real spunky”, but was surprised at the strength of their connection on their first date.

“I like to say if we were cartoons there would be fireworks coming out of our heads,” she laughs.

Before the end of this week on Farmer Wants A Wife, the remaining farmers have to send a lady home, leaving them with just their final two. Shelby decides to write Brad a letter, containing the titles of 33 country music songs.

“I’m a bit of an emotional kind of gal and often find that I can’t get my words out,” she explains. “So if felt like the way I could get my feelings across was though a letter.”

Will this romantic gesture be enough to convince Brad to keep Shelby around? Or will he hang onto the two women who have been with him from the beginning?

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