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EXPOSED! The truth about Eden Dally and Cyrell Paule’s split

They've been having problems since the very beginning
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Hot on the heels of his split from pregnant ex-girlfriend Cyrell Paule, Eden Dally wasn’t exactly sitting at home on the sofa feeling sorry for himself.

Instead, the Love Island hunk was busted flirting up a storm with Instagram model Nicole Shiraz!

Now, in a candid chat with NW, Nicole’s spilling the tea on what really went down between Eden, 27, and Cyrell, 30 – and also confirms her own relationship status with the father-to-be.

“It seems like they’d been having problems since the very beginning – Eden never really wanted the relationship to go as far as it did,” Nicole, 24, tells NW, all but suggesting that perhaps the pregnancy wasn’t exactly something he’d planned for.

Nicole – who runs her own online handbag- leasing business, Boss Ladies – also claims Cyrell was too overbearing.

“She became insanely jealous of any interaction he had with other women,” Nicole maintains.

Nicole exposes the truth behind Eden and Cyrell’s split

(Credit: Instagram)

Although rumours have circulated online that Nicole and Eden are in a relationship with each other, she insists it couldn’t be further from the truth. “It’s always been just a good friendship because I did meet him when he was in a relationship,” she says.

Following Nicole’s, er, friendly hang with Eden, Cyrell blasted her on Instagram, saying, “I have No respect for people who use others during their difficult times to promote themselves… People taking advantage of my situation.”

However, the MAFS star is now doing her best to forget the drama and is focusing all her energy on her unborn son.

“Even if it’s just you and me. We’ll create our own happiness,” she captioned a post-split mirror selfie showcasing her pregnancy bump. And we hope you do, hun…

WATCH BELOW: Inside Cyrell and Eden’s gender reveal party

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Eden (left) and Cyrell (right) called time on their relationship and just one day later Eden was pictured with Nicole having drinks.

(Credit: Instagram)

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