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The Voice star Delta Goodrem at breaking point after awkward onscreen run in with Guy Sebastian

Fans fear the singer is already struggling to cope as things heat up on The Voice judging panel
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The Voice is back for another year and the coaches don’t pull any punches when it comes to fighting for the best talent for their teams.

But according to an on-set spy, Delta is already struggling to cope with the pressure of bubbling rivalries and has left fans second guessing whether this might be her final year on the show.

“Delta’s happy to get passionate about her team, but she’d prefer if there was less squabbling,” says our insider.

On Sunday, fans noticed how rattled Delta was when Guy Sebastian shamed her.

Fans fear Delta may be feeling the heat early in the season.

After Josh Pywell’s audition, overzealous Guy, 38, stood in front of Delta, who was pleading with the talented star to join her team.

“You might ask why I’m standing in front of Delta – that’s because she can be physically distracting to a young lad, and I don’t want her to influence your decision with her eyes.”

“Delta’s happy to get passionate about her team, but she’d prefer if there was less squabbling,” says our insider.

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Digging himself a bigger hole, Guy then seemingly accused Delta of being a flirt when he put the question to the audience that perhaps they should ask Josh’s girlfriend for permission before the bubbly star got on his shoulders.

Chris Sebastian: ‘The show’s not rigged!’

When Guy’s younger brother Chris Sebastian first appeared on The Voice in 2012, he was infuriated by producers, who played his brother’s music after his audition.

“It was a real slap in the face… very rude,” says Chris, who wanted to break out of Guy’s shadow.

Chris doesn’t want viewers or fellow contestants to think he’s getting special treatment.

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It sheds light on why he had to be convinced to come back.

“I thought about [auditioning] last year, but I had no idea if people would love or hate the “all stars” [format] so I chickened out,” he quips, admitting he’s glad he’s here in 2020.

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Chris, 31, says despite his brother being his idol, he’d never pick him for his coach.

“I had him ruled out from the beginning,” says the father-of-one.

“I’d hate people to think I wasn’t there for my own abilities or it was rigged. I didn’t want anyone to say I was getting special treatment.”

Even auditioning in front of his brother left him feeling sick. “There isn’t anyone’s opinion I value more, so that was the most nervous I’ve been in my entire life!”

Chris says he’s doing his best on the show for his wife and daughter.

As he takes to the stage this week, Chris says he’s doing it for his wife Natasha and two-month-old baby Ava.

“I haven’t done all I want to do in music yet but mostly I want to give Tash and Ava everything I can, so this is for them!”

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