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Who is Dannii Minogue’s mysterious boyfriend Adrian Newman? Peek inside her very private love life

And the huge mix up at the start of their romance.
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Dannii Minogue may be an Aussie icon, but this public star generally likes to keep her private life… well, private.

Details of her love life and relationship with boyfriend Adrian Newman are few and far between, which is how the 49-year-old singer likes it.

So, what exactly do we know about her mysterious man and their long-lasting relationship?

Not a lot actually, as Dannii and Adrian really like to play things close to the chest.

According to wide reports, Adrian is a music producer and has been in a relationship with Dannii since at least 2014.

Dannii Minogue likes to keep her love life private.


The pair have been tight-lipped about the exact details of how they met and fell in love.

In 2018, The Sun quoted the Aussie songstress as saying: “I have a beautiful boyfriend. I never say anything about him. We are super private. I am just in the perfect moment.

“Everything is good, in love, family and health. Everything is ticking the box. It’s the most beautiful bubble. I don’t want it to end.”

That same year, Who reported that the couple were “extremely happy” keeping their relationship private.

“We don’t talk about our relationship,” the outlet quoted Dannii as saying.

“We just keep that super private. But yeah, I’m extremely happy.”

The couple appear to still be going strong this year, having been spotted out and about together this winter.

In June, Dannii and Adrian were seen moving furniture and their belongings into a new home in Hawthorn East, in Melbourne.

More recently they were spotted walking hand-in-hand at Sydney airport in July, where they caught a flight back to Melbourne.

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Dannii was in Sydney to film the latest season of The Masked Singer, where she’s a panellist.

The pair looked at ease together, and you’d think with so few details available about their relationship, it would be hard for them to spark any controversies.

But there was actually a bit of a scandal around their relationship in the early days – and not for any reason you’d expect.

Early on, several outlets mistook Adrian for a Swiss musician named Adrian Sieber, who is the front man of Swiss band Lovebugs.

Reports that Dannii and Sieber were romantically involved and going on cute dates in Australia was met with some serious confusion from the Swiss rocker.

Dannii and Adrian were photographed at the Australian Open in 2014.


In 2014 he had to come out and confirm that he wasn’t dating Dannii and had never even been to Australia, following reports that he was at the Australian Open with the singer.

Fortunately, the Swiss Adrian found the mix up funny back in 2014.

He was reported as saying: “My wife thinks it’s funny too, she knows that I was in Basel [when he was mistakenly reported to be at the Australian Open with Dannii].

“I’ve never been to Australia at all!”

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