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Beau Ryan can’t keep his hands off Dancing With The Stars partner Megan!

The excited star is smitten with his partner.
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It seems cheeky TV personality Beau Ryan is struggling to keep his hands to himself!

The TV host – who shares two children with wife Kara Orrell – raised eyebrows during his very risque performance of the cha-cha with gorgeous dance partner Megan Wragg.

Beau and Megan get close during their performance.

(Image: Network Ten)

Dressed in a grey suit, which he later stripped off to reveal a tight white singlet, the 34-year-old hunk looked ecstatic as he sauntered his way through the routine.

Eagle-eyed viewers were also quick to point out the routine’s premise, which featured the blonde bombshell, 33, and married star seemingly engaged in an office affair.

Many were quick to raise Beau’s affair with co-star Lauren Brant, which happened during rehearsals for Aladdin in 2015.

“Is it me or is this routine about Beau having an affair at work?,” one user commented on Twitter.

The routine raised eyebrows.

(Image: Network Ten)

While the pair sizzled onscreen, it appears backstage the chemistry is just as strong, with a source telling Woman’s Day the cast regularly talk about how hot their dance partners are.

“They’re constantly joking around about who has the hotter partner,” says our insider. “Beau thinks Megan is hot.”

The star has also been leaving flirty comments on Megan’s Instagram.

However, it seems Beau still has eyes for his wife Kara. Similar to last season, the stars will perform a routine which features the “best year of their lives” as its theme. It’s understood Beau has picked 2012 – the year he married Kara as his happiest year.

Angie’s private heartache

Carlin admitted he and Angie “barely get to hang out.”

(Image: Media Mode)

While he finally made it to Melbourne to watch Angie Kent sweat it out on the DWTS dancefloor, Carlin Sterritt revealed his seat in the audience is the closest he’s been to his Bachelorette girlfriend for a while.

Carlin, 30, made the revelation after Angie, also 30, continued to complain about her fitness on Sunday night, leading fans to question why she’s so unfit when she has a personal trainer for a boyfriend.

“I’d have to see Angie to train her,” admits Carlin. “We barely get to hang out and when we do she’s pooped from dance training.”

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