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Cassandra Thorburn cosies up to hot 24-year-old dance partner on DWTS

Karl Stefanovic is clearly the last thing on Cass Thorburn's mind at the moment!
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Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn is clearly not thinking too much about her former husband at the moment!

The 47-year-old mother-of-three was confirmed last week as a contestant on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, which kicks off in February.

And we’ve now been introduced to her very sexy dance partner, 24-year-old Italian dancer, Marco De Angelis.

Marco is a retired competitive dancer who has travelled the world competing in professional dance competitions.

Most recently, he starred in Burn The Floor, a show dubbed the “world’s toughest dance company”, but finished up with the company at the beginning of January.

Now Cass and Marco have been been photographed cuddling outside a Sydney radio station after a morning of press commitments for the Channel 10 show.

Speaking to KIIS FM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, Cass said she was glad to see the back of last year and excited to try something new in 2019.

After Sandilands described Cass as “the most talked-about woman” in 2018, who had to “watch Karl turn into a hipster”, Cass responded: “Thank goodness we’re in a new year right? Look how good this year looks already. I’ve got my groove on!”

The radio hosts pushed Cass to describe what rehearsals with her hunky young dance partner have been like.

“It’s so intimate. Being that intimate … meeting them … Jackie, you should give it a go,” Cass joked to Jackie O, who also recently split from her husband.

“Seriously it’s like you meet them and all of a sudden you’re being touched all over,” Cass said of her new dance partner.

“I was like ‘This is weird for me’, but it’s not weird for them. They’re touchly feely straight away, but normal people, we’re not like that. Feels weird to us.”

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Cass fixes her dance partner’s hair outside the KIIS FM studios in Sydney. (Image: Mega)

They are certainly getting along well! (Image: Mega)

Cass described the intimate relationship the contestants are encouraged to develop between one another.

“You’re supposed to look at them like you’re in love,” Cass said. “Marco keeps saying that, ‘It’s intimate Cassandra, it’s very intimate’. It’s hip to hip.”

Then Marco jumped in: “It’s kind of acting. That’s the thing we are also working on. Really be into the character. You have to become a character. It’s body language.”

Cass then joked that “Marco’s just happy to spend time with me.”

Marco later shared this cute selfie of the pair on his Instagram stories.

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Marco shared this photo of him and Cass on his Instagram stories. (Image: Instagram)

Cass Thorburn (centre) with fello DWTS contestants Saumel Johnson and Curtly Ambrose. (Image: Channel 10)

Cass also spoke about her new relationship with Marco on Studio 10 last week.

She told hosts Sarah Harris and Kerri-Anne Kennerley – who was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in 2012 – that she’s having an incredible time preparing for the show.

“It’s actually an amazing experience. I’m loving it. I’m moving into a new thing. I’m not having to throw on a full time job on the side. I can focus on this,” Cass said.

When she was first approached by Channel 10 to appear on the show she said she “laughed” and “actually thought they were joking”.

But she decided to go on the show after talking to her late father, who sadly died last year.

“We were having a conservation about it, we were talking constantly because you’ll never get to talk again and I was telling him and laughing about it.

“He looked at me seriously and he said ‘Don’t have regrets’ and I just thought you know, when do you get the opportunity to learn to dance like this, learn a new skill?”

Marco loves a shirtless pic on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)

Cass also spoke in detail about the moment she first met Marco.

“Marco arrived in the country a day before we met each other. We were introduced as ‘This is your dance partner from Italy.”

“As soon as I opened those doors, I said ‘How old are you?’ And I thought he was a bit older and he said ‘I’m 24’. I was almost on the floor. I meant that is the funniest thing. The first man that I’m going to be groping and carrying on with is 24 years old.”

“When the style of dance requires them to look like they’re in love with you, that’s acting to them.”

We can’t wait to watch these two tear up the dance floor with their smoking chemistry!

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