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Exchanging rings and moving in together: Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli are already proving how serious they are about each other

Darvid revealed the exciting news after the finale aired.
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Tonight Australia watched Brooke Blurton confess her love to Darvid Garayeli on The Bachelorette’s finale and were left in awe when the new couple exchanged rings on national TV.

They weren’t engagement rings – as far as we know – but the sparkling pieces were definitely a sign of how deeply the pair care about each other.

The matching set were hand-crafted by Larsen Jewellery and were chosen by Darvid and Brooke specifically for one another.

Brooke found “The One” in Darvid!


Sustainably sourced, crafted directly in the studio, and 100 per cent carbon neutral, the rings tie into Brooke’s passion for sustainability and ethics.

Not to mention both rings are absolutely stunning and worth almost $20,000 combined!

Brooke chose the Mokume ring for Darvid, which was a curved 18ct white gold band with details crafted using the ancient Japanese technique of metalworking.

Meanwhile, Darvid opted for the sparkling Amore ring for his love, which features a stunning 0.71ct diamond at the centre with a row of six round brilliant cut diamonds on each side.

These rings are stunning!

(Larsen Jewellery)

“It is an absolutely classic piece, beautiful and elegant. The centre diamond is accentuated, really bringing out the light and the sparkle,” Christopher Larkins, Sydney Studio Manager at Larsen Jewellery said of Brooke’s ring.

The pieces were gorgeous and clearly symbolised a big commitment for the pair – even if they’re not talking about marriage just yet.

That said, in the weeks since filming wrapped this duo have taken their relationship even further!

Taking to Instagram to celebrate finally being allowed to talk about their relationship publicly, Darvid revealed his plans to move in with Brooke.

Posting a snap of him and Brooke on the day of the finale, the 27-year-old wrote: “I can’t believe I found my person.

“When I entered this experience I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect, I’ve come out of this with my life partner and she’s so much more than I could have ever envisioned❤️”

He then revealed he and Brooke were taking their relationship to the next level, penning: “This is the beginning of a new chapter for both of us and I cant wait to move into our Melbourne abode.”

It’s huge news for the duo, who admitted on the show that distance would be an issue if Darvid remained living in Brisbane while Brooke was in Melbourne.

But it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to avid fans, as there were already rumours of not-so-secret meetups between the couple in Melbourne.

Darvid was supposedly spotted visiting Brooke there while the show aired, so many fans already guessed the two were an item.

Now they can finally go public wiht their romance and enjoy setting up a new life together in Melbourne.

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