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Are Big Brother’s Christina and Brenton this year’s Chad and Sophie? We look into their budding romance

This chemistry is sizzling.
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You don’t need to have Big Brother’s omniscient eye to spot chemistry – and boy was there spades of it on last night’s episode the reality show.

Not long after intruder Brenton Balicki stepped foot in the house, it was clear that the chef may have something brewing with flight attendant Christina.

Yep, it’s a wonder this season’s Big Brother Australia housemates weren’t injured by the sparks flying between Christina, 22, and new contestant Brenton, 31.

The first sign of some flirty behaviour between the two was when Christina questioned if anyone needed a massage. Without skipping a beat, Brenton said “I could definitely do with a massage”.

It’s clear as day the couple has chemistry.

(Channel Seven)

Later on, ever the pot-stirrer, Big Brother himself asked Christina if she was getting along with any of the new intruders. The flight attendant blushed and looked to Brenton.

Even fan-favourite Marley called Christina out on her crush, joking that she wanted to “hook up with (Brenton)”.

Of course, when it comes to reality TV, we can always fall victim to sneaky editing. So, we’ve investigated further to determine whether these lovebirds are actually the real deal.

The first sign that Brenton and Christina might be a real-life couple came earlier this month when the pair were spotted enjoying a cute night out together.

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the Big Brother stars were all smiles as they strolled along a Sydney street. Christina rocked a simple white dress while Brenton donned a casual all-black ensemble for the outing.

While you may be internally screaming ‘date night’, hold your horses for the time being as the pair were joined by fellow Big Brother housemates Adriana Fernandez, Charlotte Hall and Ari Kimber.

Brenton isn’t the only one keen on Christina.

(Channel Seven)

However, in all the pictures the pair are stood side-by-side and were even captured breaking away from the pack to talk alone.

And that’s not the only sign that the pair may have managed to strike up a real-life romance.

Yesterday, after Brenton shared a photo of himself captured inside the revamped Big Brother digs to his Instagram, a supportive fan was quick to mention the intruder’s romantic development while in the house. And the chef was on completely on board with the sentiment.

“You and christina😍👌” the user wrote – a comment, to which, Brenton quickly liked.

Max and Mitch also got along with the housemate.

(Channel Seven)

What’s more, out of all the teased romances between the fan-favourite and her fellow housemates, Brenton remains the most plausible suitor… for two very good reasons.

Although Christina caught the attention of housemates Max and Mitchell while they were in the house, the relationships didn’t eventuate into anything, with both men explaining they are purely platonic these days.

Speaking exclusively to New Idea about Christina back in April, former housemate and ironman Max admitted that, despite their chemistry, nothing romantic was likely to occur between him and the 22-year-old.

“It wasn’t really anything really romantic at all. She was just a cute girl in a house. In a different world, maybe, but I don’t think so.” Max explained.

Mitch took Christina on a Big Brother date.

(Channel Seven)

Meanwhile, Christina also went on a date with bird-lover Mitchell while he was in the house, And, though sparks weren’t exactly shooting around the Big Brother house, Mitchell told New Idea that what we saw on screen was not entirely accurate.

“They show me talking a lot about platypuses and birds on my date with Christina and that was not the case at all.” Mitchell explained. “That date went for about three hours; I talked about birds and platypuses for about five minutes because she asked me.

“And then the rest of the date was literally about her – me asking her questions – so I’m sure they stitched me up in that department.”

Mitchell also revealed that he and Christina are purely platonic now. So, with both Max and Mitchell out of the picture, what does this mean for her and Brenton? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, New Idea.*

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