Fans have already revealed their favourites to win Big Brother 2023

Who will walk away with $100,000?
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Big Brother Australia is in its fifteenth season in 2023, and this year there’s a twist – contestants are not only competing for the prize money, but also to find love!

With only 8 contestants remaining, who will be evicted and who will walk away with the $100,000 prize?

Who will win Big Brother Australia in 2023?

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Fans have already made predictions for who they think will win Big Brother Australia in 2023.

These predictions have been translated to betting sites including Sportsbet, which gives us an interesting insight into the potential winner.

Louis appears to be the fan favourite to win this season of Big Brother, with his odds sitting at $2.10. His strategic game may be why viewers think he could win.

Tay & Ari are another front-runner. Their recent strategic move inside the Big Brother house may have led to them sitting in second place. They are slightly behind Louis, with their odds sitting at $3.50 on Sportsbet.

Louis is currently the favourite to win.

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Dion is currently in fourth place, with odds at $4.33. He is a big personality in the house which may be why he sits in third- viewers may have mixed opinions on him as a housemate.

Minee sits in the middle of the pack, with odds of her winning sitting lower at $6.00 on Sportsbet.

Lewis and Josh follow a little further behind with $13.00 and $15.00 odds respectively.

Sitting at the bottom and deemed by fans as the most unlikely to win Big Brother Australia 2023 is Taylah ($17.00).

We have reached the half-way mark for this season.

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Sportsbet has made accurate predictions in the past regarding Big Brother as well as other reality television shows including My Kitchen Rules and The Masked Singer.

As we move towards the Big Brother Australia 2023 finale, the ranking and odds will undoubtedly change, so watch this space for more updates.

The winner of Big Brother will be decided by the public once the final three contestants are remaining.

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