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EXCLUSIVE: Romance is already starting to heat up between two Beauty and the Geek couples

''I was drawn to him.''
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When social media content creator Angel applied to be on Beauty And The Geek, she had no intention of looking for romance.

“I’d been single for five years, so to find love on a show would be like winning lotto,” Angel, 21, tells TV WEEK with a laugh. “I thought no way in a billion years would that happen to me.”

But while she admits she often seeks out dorky guys, it was a welcome surprise when E-Sports champion Sam piqued her interest.

Angel and Sam get along like a house on fire.

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“Sam is a geek, but he’s so charismatic and charming,” Angel says. “I was drawn to him – and I liked that he was a social butterfly like I am.”

Angel kept her distance, hoping he’d make the first move. Thankfully, Sam was just as interested.

“I knew I liked her, as soon as I saw her,” the 25-year-old shares. “She was wearing a really unique dress and gave off a different vibe and energy. Straight away, I had my eyes set on her.”

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When Sam eventually mustered the courage to chat to the eccentric beauty, they clicked.

“I find it hard to connect with people and I always like to push myself out of my comfort zone,” he says. “Getting to know Angel, and seeing how we connected, I realised I haven’t felt that way in a long time with anyone else.”

Tune in this week as the pair take their relationship to a whole new level.

“Sam is a geek, but he’s so charismatic and charming.”

(Image: Nine)

Michael and Tara’s connection heats up

As Michael stood at the first Beauty And The Geek mixer – the social event where the beauties and geeks get to know each other – ready to meet all the gorgeous women, one caught his eye instantly: 22-year-old mermaid performer Tara.

“I was so nervous going into the mixer,” children’s party entertainer Michael, 25, tells TV WEEK.

“But she was the first one I spoke to and I hogged her for 40 minutes. I wasn’t thinking I’d find love on the show at all, but I could feel something happening between us.”

“There were sparks, but I didn’t know if it was romance or friendship,” Tara says of her connection with Michael.

(Image: Nine)

For Tara’s part, her feelings took her by surprise.

“There were sparks, but I didn’t know if it was romance or friendship,” she says. “I wasn’t chasing anything romantic. I didn’t go into the show expecting a connection. I was shocked when it started coming my way.”

As the party swirled around them after Tara’s mermaid performance, the pair were in their own little bubble until host Sophie Monk announced that she’d be creating the final pairings.

The pair got to know each other well at the mixer.

(Image: Nine)

Seeing their obvious connection, it was a no-brainer to put them together. For Michael, it was ideal.

“I went into the show thinking I’d meet a girl unlike any I would normally talk to,” he says.

“I wasn’t expecting to meet an international mermaid extraordinaire, law student, dux of her year and amazing woman.”

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