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Beauty and the Geek 2022 winner leaked! Here’s the couple tipped to take the win

Or so it seems...
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Beauty And The Geek only managed to air three episodes of its 2022 season before the show’s winning couple leaked – or so it seems.

Fans are convinced that they already know which pair will be crowned this season’s winners after a telling clue appeared online in the show’s first week.

So what gave it away, and more importantly, which beauty and geek are going to win?

Which beauty and geek will win?

(Image: Nine)

For years now fans have been predicting the outcomes of different reality TV shows by keeping a close eye on the betting odds on sites like Sportsbet.

Betting sites have successfully predicted the winners of everything from The Bachelor and Bachelorette, to SAS Australia and Big Brother.

It’s a popular belief that these sites are given early access to information about these series – including who wins – in order to inform their betting odds.

That means fans can pretty safely assume that whoever is on top of the leaderboard on Sportsbet will come out on top of their respective reality TV shows too.

So who is set to take out the top spot on Beauty And The Geek for 2022? Fan favourites Aaron and Karly.

Aaron and Karly are the adorable fan favourites.

(Image: Nine)

The cute pair who have been together since the first episode are currently sitting at odds of $1.80, far ahead of the couple currently in second place.

Anthony and Tegan, another OG pairing, have odds of $5.00 and are followed by Jason and Heidi, who were recoupled in the show’s third episode and have odds of $7.00.

But just because Sportsbet currently has these pairs in the top spots doesn’t mean the rankings won’t change.

We often see the second, third and lower positions change from week to week on betting sites as stars rise and fall in popularity.

However, the predicted winners typically stay the same, usually only dipping down to second place if their odds change at all.

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It would make sense for Aaron and Karly to be the current frontrunners, as the sweet duo have been fan favourites from the first episode.

Awkward train enthusiast Aaron won Australia (and Karly) over with his sweet nature, kind heart and dorky personality, while Karly has been his biggest cheerleader from day one.

But only time will tell if they remain in the top spot on Sportsbet and eventually win this season of Beauty And The Geek.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Who.

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