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Meet the guys and girls Brooke Blurton dated before becoming our 2021 Bachelorette

No roses for these folks.
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Our 2021 Bachelorette, Brooke Blurton, has always been confident and upfront in who she is.

While she may have surprised 2018 Bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins when she revealed she had dated women in the past, we were absolutely cheering at home.

And now, we can’t wait to see the 26-year-old turn the tables and hand out the roses – to both men and women – as she takes on the lead role on The Bachelorette this year.

They say the past can be reflected in the future, so we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit Brooke’s exes and see if it gives us any insight into who she may choose on the show.

Brooke is the Bachelorette we’ve been waiting for.

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Before fame

While appearing on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor Brooke spoke to Now To Love about her relationships prior to the show.

“I’ve had two serious relationships with guys and I’ve also had two serious relationships with girls,” Brooke said at the time.

“So my longest was with a guy, and that was for three years when I was quite young. It is a concern when you’re in a relationship with a guy and you tell them that you also like the same sex. They get a little bit, I guess, insecure in the relationship.”

Brooke opened up to the Honey Badger about her past relationships while on the show.


Before entering the mansion, Brooke dated a guy who was well aware of her relationships with women.

“To be honest, he was probably the one that was most judgemental,” she said looking back.

“I could just tell that he was uncomfortable about it. I wish obviously that he wasn’t, because I think the relationship could’ve been great if we could just get over that.”

Her first serious relationship with a girl saw her date a women seven years older.

“We lived together for like six months, but we were together for just under a year,” she said.

“I think sometimes when people come into my life they’re not at the right time in their life.”

Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins

Frankly, Nick didn’t deserve her.

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Next came Nick. And we all know how well that went.

Brooke seemed like the frontrunner to steal the rugby star turned Bachelor’s heart, until she left the show of her own accord before the finale.

Brooke dished on what really caused her to leave the show during her stint on Bachelor In Paradise

“I thought there was definitely chemistry there and we developed something really good and yeah, I thought I’d be that girl at the end,” she told her fellow BIP stars.

“Then he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic, to tell me that he wasn’t going to pick anyone in the end.”

Alex Nation

Brooke was heartbroken she didn’t receive a rose from Alex.

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The roses didn’t stop there, with Brooke heading to Paradise soon after, where she began to fall for fellow star, Alex Nation.

Despite a very cute date and steamy pash, Alex chose to explore her feelings for Bill Goldsmith instead, leaving Brooke heartbroken.

She later went on to reveal to Who in 2019: “That part with Alex, I just think she never really was genuine with her feelings and I could really read through that. I just don’t really value people in my life like that.

“There’s no bad blood, but I am all about people who bring value into your life and I just feel like I had to let that part of my life with Alex go.”

Nick Power

Nick wasn’t the one either.


Post-Paradise Brooke debuted the new man in her life, Nick Power.

In a gushing Instagram post Brooke revealed she had found love “with a beautiful beautiful man who I can not express how friggen lucky I am to have in my life.”

A year later, after a social media hiatus, Brooke revealed she and Nick had split in an emotional and teary video to fans.

“If you haven’t noticed, I have been MIA on social media,” the shattered reality star said in February of 2020.

“I’ve been grieving a breakup and I just haven’t been able to build up the courage to speak about it online and openly just yet.”

G Flip

The couple never confirmed the romance, but they sure did look cute together.


Jump to 2021 and fans of the 26-year-old were in frenzy over the possibility she may be dating musician G Flip.

The women attended the Australian Open in Melbourne together, where Brooke shared a series of adorable pics and videos watching G Flip perform from the crowd.

While neither ever officially confirmed the romance, it’s clearly done and dusted now that Brooke has embarked on her Bachelorette journey.

Here’s hoping she finds The One, and never has another ex.

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