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The Bachelorette Australia contestant reveals the REAL truth about Paddy Collier

He has a very different side to him.
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In Thursday’s episode of The Bachelorette we said goodbye to Cheyne Neigh, the 28-year-old with the long mane from NSW.

While his time in the mansion was short-lived and we barely got to know him, the commercial auditor said that he formed some unlikely friendships in the mansion.

In an exclusive chat with Now to Love Cheyne revealed the real person behind the suitor everyone is talking about – Paddy Collier.

“Personally, I was quite fond of Paddy,” the construction auditor said.

“At the start I came in with bagpipes playing (watch the entrance above!),” Cheyne said.

“Paddy has Scottish and Irish heritage, he come up to me straight away and said ‘mate that was a beautiful entrance.’

“He had to walk away from the group, because he was tearing up because his grandmother had died recently and they played that song [The Skye Boat Song] at her funeral.”

“From that point on, we became close. That’s why in the second episode he was quite defensive of me getting interrupted by Charlie,” he revealed.

So what did Cheyne think of Paddy’s obnoxious enthusiasm during the first cocktail party?

“That first episode gave the guy a bit of grief, the dude is really good,” he said. “I think he just got overly excited, but you could see in the second episode where Charlie cut me off that Paddy was up to my defence. He was all about everyone having a fair go.”

Not knowing how much the time they had during the cocktail party, Cheyne admitted it was a free for all.

“We were cutting each other off, you know,” he said. “It was worse in person, there were some guys who had like thirty seconds and then someone would take over. We didn’t know how much time we would have after the red carpet, so we were kind of just going in.”

So with his limited time in the mansion, who did he think was going to win the race for Ali’s heart?

“In my personal opinion, I think Bill. He’s just a real good dude. He’s honest, and it’s amazing that he’s the same on camera as he is off camera.”

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