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The Bachelorette Australia contestant reveals: “Ali can handle the fake guys”

'She can spot them a mile away!'
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The Bachelorette Australia premiere introduced viewers to some interesting characters, with fans left shocked by the antics of certain guys, and smitten by the gestures of others.

As 18 suitors lined up for one-on-one time with Ali Oetjen, things got heated between some of the contestants.

With a front-row seat to all the action, eliminated contestant Brendan says the tense evening was ‘unbelievable.’

The 29-year-old events manager was one of two guys to say goodbye to Ali last night, alongside Honey Badger lookalike Ben.

“A few people had me in their office sweepstakes, so my apologies!” he jokes.

This is Brendan, by the way!

Brendan reveals the drama-filled evening was every bit as full-on as it seemed on TV.

“As far as personalities go, good grief!” Brendan says, chatting to TV WEEK.

“The best way I can describe the overall feel of the night would be with this quote I’ve heard before: ‘Men would rather be respected than loved.’ I think that sets the tone for how last night played out,” he says. “It was guys vying for some sense of respect from one another, because they felt under threat.

“I commented on the night that we were losing focus of why we were actually here. There was a fight going on over there. There was a segway and a teddy bear over here. And Oh! there’s a girl we should be talking to.”

Ali with the remaining 16 contestants after the premiere episode.

As for controversial contestant Paddy, and his crude remarks, Brendan says it ‘shocked’ some of the men.

“We were initially just in shock,” he says. “We couldn’t believe, like, you’re actually saying that? And repeating it, loudly? There was no shame. It’s what I imagine having Kanye West at a party would be like.

“We saw Paddy doing his thing, and that’s Paddy,” he continues. “What we saw last night, if anything, was a toned down version of what the night was actually like.”

For what it’s worth, Brendan has no doubt Ali will be able to handle herself when it comes to picking out the ‘fake’ guys.

“I think the advantage for Ali is that it’s not her first rodeo, so she knows how to pick them,” he says.

“She can spot them a mile away and she’s smart, and she’s got the gloves on this time. If they are there for the wrong reasons, she will know, and she will let them know.”

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Despite the drama, Brendan reveals there are some ‘good guys’ in the mansion.

“There are a lot of super impressive guys there,” he says, naming Todd, Bill, Taite and Rob in particular.

We can’t wait to see which one ends up stealing Ali’s heart!

The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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