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EXCLUSIVE: All the biggest Bachie bedroom secrets revealed from the top 3

Who to pick? Let Matt sleep on it...
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We’re at the pointy end of The Bachelor with the final three babes revealed.

24-year-old Abbie Chatfield has some serious sexual chemistry with Matt Agnew, while his relationship with 28-year-old Chelsie McLeod feels written in the stars.

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Then we have the Mauritian beauty, Helena Sauzier, who has had quite a rocky week.

So, who will win our Bachelor’s heart? We chatted to the top 3 who reveal all of their sexy bedroom secrets!

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The final 3! Abbie, Chelsie and Helena.

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Of course he’s rockin’ some space pyjamas!

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Helena – “I hope Matt sleeps naked – ‘cos I do!”

“I struggle a lot with noise in bed!”

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Matt’s pretty much perfect, but if he ends up being a snorer, would that make you walk away?

Maybe. I struggle a lot with noise in bed! I wear earplugs at night, but I’m a very light sleeper so if he snores, he could end up on the couch. Not ideal…

So what should he wear in bed?

He should be in a boxer and tee, or au naturel. I usually sleep naked so that’s my preferred look in bed. Proper PJs in unnatural fibres are not sexy!

Is Matt causing you any sleepless nights?

Yes, because we’re so close to the final rose ceremony now and it’s like, I can say to him, “I really like you,” and all he can say is, “Hmmm.” I’m terrified of having my heart broken so you end up analysing every single thing you’ve said to him and he’s said to you. I shared a room with Chelsie – and our ghost Colin too. He also caused us a few sleepless nights in the mansion!

So, there’s another man on the scene then?

A ghostly one, yes! Chelsie and I told the other girls our room in the mansion was haunted by Colin the ghost so they wouldn’t move in with us. They were actually scared of him, but he was a friendly ghost!

Abbie – “Our sexual chemistry is so hot”

“You never know what I’m going to say – it’s a worry!”

(Source: NW)

OK, Abbie, confession time. What are you like in bed?

I talk in my sleep. You never know what I’m going to say – it’s a worry! Also, I’m a sleepwalker. The other girls in the mansion didn’t really want to share a room with me because I get up and walk around and they were scared. One morning I woke up and was in a completely new bed in another room. I had no idea how I got there!

You’ve been hot for Matt through this whole season. Maybe you were looking for him?

Could be! I think we all know that Matt and I share an incredible sexual chemistry at this point.

What do you like a guy to wear in bed?

I’m not about the proper pyjamas. I think a guy in boxers and a tee in bed is pretty hot.

If it turns out Matt snores or has bad morning breath, would that be a dealbreaker?

I can’t say it would be because I snore too! Morning breath is fine – if you’re with the right person.

Have you had any sweet dreams – or otherwise! – about Matt?

Not yet, or not that I can remember. But I wouldn’t complain if I did!

Chelsie – “Matt’s chest makes the perfect pillow!’

“Personally I like my guy to be in underwear.”

(Source: NW)

You shared a room with Helena – did you guys talk about Matt at night?

A little bit. We loved a chat before lights out and she was like my best friend in the mansion. But I wouldn’t talk about him to the other girls much because some of them would get quite upset..

What are you like in bed?

I am such a light sleeper so if it turns out Matt is a massive snorer, well, I’m not sure how I’ll approach that situation because it’s almost a deal breaker for me. I’m also a night owl. I have so much energy at night so if he wants to be up at like 6am, that won’t work because that’s still the middle of the night for me!

PJs or sleeping nude – what floats your boat?

Personally I like my guy to be in underwear – but topless – in bed because then you can cuddle up to his chest like a warm pillow.

Matt has a great chest doesn’t he…

Yes,he does! I have noticed that…

Have you ever had a pillow fight in real life?

No, but it was so much fun doing it with the girls on this shoot. It’s something I’d be keen to try out in real life. Look out, Matt!

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