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Al Perkins teases “under the sheet moments” ahead of his Love Island entrance

Swapping the ‘married’ life for board shorts and flings!
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There is no doubt Al Perkins was a heartthrob on the latest season of Married At First Sight, but even after stealing hearts he was still nervous to step foot in Love Island Australia.

Al’s arrival in the villa was highly anticipated but he admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that he was unsure if his new co-stars would recognise him.

He was nervous about entering the villa.

(Image: Instagram)

“I was a bit worried, but they definitely did,” he said.

“There were a lot of squeals and things like that and people yelling out my name, which made me feel a little bit more comfortable going in there. It was crazy, it was a really really cool entrance.”

Fans were not shocked to hear the contestants ‘squeal’ over Al’s entrance.

In a juicy questionnaire with Love Island contestant Stella, she confessed a “love” for the former groom.

Al is known for his shoeys!

(Image: Instagram)

“I loved Al from MAFS. I loved him. I always comment on his Tik Tok, I’m obsessed. I love him. I just thought he was so sweet and cute. Lock Al down as my top reality TV Crush.,” she said.

Stella also commented on a TikTok he posted in June 2022 where he transformed “trash timber” into a beautiful bedside table: “I love this content!!! So wholesome.”

His nerves seemed to have disappeared quickly as Al confessed to Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys that he is ready to “start cutting some grass” and we don’t mean literally.

“It sounds cliché but you’re going to go in there and chase who you really like, try to form connections, step on toes if you have to, and obviously everybody’s going to be coupled up.”

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Al revealed he does not want his mum watching Love Island, calling it a “totally different beast” that could involve some “under the sheets moments” unlike MAFS.

“On Married at First Sight you’re paired up with one girl. You know what I mean… I’m a seven girl kind of guy,” he joked.

“The experts paired you with one girl but on Love Island you’ve got, you know, a bunch of girls to choose from. So it is very different in that sense.”

“[Mum] probably really wants to watch, but I’m going to hide the TV remotes when it comes on.”

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