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EXCLUSIVE: Pole performer Kristy Sellars on her “shock” Australia’s Got Talent win

''I didn't think winning was a possibility!''
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Pole performer Kristy Sellars was crowned winner of Australia’s Got Talent on Sunday night, taking out the top prize of $100,000 in a thrilling grand finale.

The 32-year-old pole performer has wowed viewers and the judges with her stunning routines and incredible strength throughout the series. In the end, she was victorious over her fellow top-four contestants Jennifer Anderson, Olina Loau and Sienna Osbourne.

“I’m still in shock,” Kristy tells TV WEEK of her win. “My phone’s just going crazy, I don’t even think I’ve gotten to 10% of the messages.

“[Winning] is crazy because it’s not just the judges. To have people actually pick up their phone and vote for me, is the biggest compliment. I just feel very honoured.”

Kristy’s stunning performance in the AGT grand final.

The Melbourne mum-of-three, who gave birth to her youngest child just six months before appearing on the show, says watching the finale with her family was incredible.

“My daughter Rylie has just been so excited to see me on TV, let alone win, and for her to be here… she just came over to me and gave me the biggest cuddle. It was special.

“We were at home watching it last night and it was just amazing.”

Kristy says it’s been “incredible” to receive positive feedback from viewers, who say she changed their perception of pole performance.

“I’ve always seen the possibilities and the artistic style of pole, but I suppose it does still have that stigma attached to it. So to be able to be the one to show others who maybe haven’t seen it that way before, to open their eyes and give them a new way to view it, that’s incredible.”

Kristy with AGT host Ricki-Lee.

Kristy will be splitting the prize money 50/50 with her partner Ryan Talbot, the artist behind her projections.

“I’m splitting it with the visual artist, Ryan, so with my part of it I would like to be able to create shows,” she reveals.

“As you can imagine, it can be pretty costly, so to have the money to be able to afford a decent projector to train with will make the world of difference.

“I’m excited to create new worlds for people to come enjoy with me.”

As for the specifics, Kristy admits she “didn’t think she would win” so she hasn’t set out an exact plan as of yet.

“Honestly, I just am not even sure… I didn’t think about it like ‘okay, if I win this is what I’m going to do.’ I just didn’t even entertain the thought because I did not think it was a possibility.”

Kristy is walking away from AGT with half the $100,000 prize-money.

Fans of Kristy’s can keep up with her upcoming shows by following her on Instagram (@kristysellars) where she likes to share her routines and journeys with fans.

Congratulations to Kristy!

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