10 times Amanda Seyfried’s dog was the cutest

Amanda Seyfried, who will be back on the big screen this Christmas in festive comedy Love the Coopers, is rarely seen without her impossibly cute pooch Finn.

Amanda Seyfried, who is starring in new festive comedy Love the Coopers, hates being separated from her cute-as-a-button puppy Finn.

The two do everything together; he visits Seyfried on set, accompanies her on hikes, and luckily for us, is the star of her Instagram account.

He can balance things on his nose, knows how to work a party hat, and loves a paddle pop on a hot summer’s day.

We’ve narrowed down ten photos of Finn being the absolute cutest.

LOVE THE COOPERS – IN CINEMAS NOV 26 to watch the trailer click here.

10. And when he made sure to keep an eye on exactly what Amanda was getting up to without him.

1. When he was all of us before our first hit of caffeine in the morning.

2. When he let a friend hitch a ride on on his nose.

3. When he had his mates over for his sixth birthday bash, and dressed up for the occasion.

4. When he was all about the ice cream during the summer.

5. When he wasn’t afraid to try out a new look.

6. When he let Amanda take a picture, but stuck his tongue out anyway.

7. When he made a new friend and was really happy about it.

8. When he was ready for the ring.

9. When he got his very own Finn to hang out with.

It’s official: Finn is the cutest.

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