Are Love Island Australia’s Zac and Lucinda still together outside of the villa?

Let's see if they've survived outside of the villa walls.
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Reality television series aren’t the most successful ways to find true love and given the flirty, couple swapping nature of Love Island Australia, it is safe to assume that most relationships won’t survive outside of the villa.

It is no secret lovebirds Zac and Lucinda have had their fair share of fights in the 2023 season of Love Island. Sadly, their love did not survive outside the precious walls of their Mallorca villa.

Late on Sunday in Australia, Zac shared a statement to his personal Instagram account revealing the pair had gone their separate ways.

“Hey guys, just thought I’d let you know that Lucinda and I have decided to go our seperate ways. I’m not feeling too good about the situation and appreciate all the support so far,” it read.

His former Love Island co-stars shared their love in the comment section.

“Love you Zaccy ❤️,” Tyra wrote.

Meanwhile, Zac’s villa bestie wrote: “Love you bro.”

Lucinda has not yet spoken out about the split.

While many Love Island fans mourn the loss of their favourite couple, we explore their journey before it came to an end. Continue reading for all the details.

Can Zac and Lucinda survive outside of the villa?

(Image: Nine)

Zac, a 25-year-old student and former electrician swooned for Bombshell Lucinda the moment she entered the villa. It wasn’t the first time he had laid eyes on Lucinda after watching her in the UK version.

Lucinda first caught the public’s eye after her Bombshell entrance on Love Island UK but was unlucky in love afterwards in an on-again-off-again with Brighton footballer Aaron Connelly where they separated for good in early 2023.

Although it took time – and a few white lies from Zac – for Lucinda to warm up to him completely, the pair shared their first kiss mid-season and have been inseparable ever since.

Fans predict they will win Love Island Australia.

(Image: Nine)

Although Zac and Lucinda weren’t crowned the winners of Love Island 2023, despite some fan predictions, they’re relationship was grew outside of the villa.

In an interview with our sister site WHO Magazine, Zac revealed his plans to move to the UK sometime in the future. Currently, he is living with his villa bestie Trent.

“I’m going to move to the UK,” he said. “And hopefully, the next step for our relationship after living together for a while might be you know getting engaged to get married and having a family…”

Moving closer to Lucinda seemed to be a no-brainer as their biggest challenge is navigating a long distance relationship.

“Long distance is just really hard because all we want to do is stay on the phone for like four or five hours every day and like we’re up most nights talking,” he told WHO.

The pair did however enter the 2024 New Year together after Lucinda travelled from the UK to Australia to reunite with Zac and fellow villa couple, Kale and Tyra. While on their Australian adventure, the pair took the next step – chose each others tattoo. Thankfully it wasn’t permanent.

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