The Bachelor’s Alex and Olena cosy up to other men

Uh oh! Richie Strahan might want to cover his eyes as two of the hot favourites tipped to win this season of The Bachelor get close to mystery men.
Alex Nation and Olena Khamula

In a matter of days, the nation will finally find out which lucky lady has won Richie’s heart.

But has the handsome rope technician already been dumped by his leading lady?

Last week, Ukrainian beauty Olena was caught out with another man.

The makeup artist, 23, was seen kissing and cuddling a dark-haired stranger at a Bondi restaurant.

“They were very close and flirting the whole time,” tells an onlooker.

Look away, Richie!

Olena and her date enjoyed some drinks in Bondi.

“They were very close and flirting the whole time,” a witness tells.

“They were sitting away from everyone, whispering. She was touchy feely, and didn’t seem fazed if anyone saw her.”

Her date could barely keep his hands off her, showering her with affection as they sipped their drinks.

Throughout the season, the striking beauty has captivated Richie in a way no other contestant has.

Keeping her cards close to her chest and not giving much away has cast Richie under a spell.

Has the firm favourite already moved on?

“She was very touchy feely,” an onlooker explains.

“I really do like spending time with you, Olena. You fascinate me, beyond a doubt, and I’m just so thankful for all the time I get to spend with you,” Richie told her during the home visits.

The Bachelor heartthrob was well and truly put through his paces when he met Olena’s father, who is a former boxer.

Andriy even strapped on his boxing gloves to battle it out with the man courting hid daughter.

WATCH: The awkward moment Richie and Olena’s dad battle it out. Post continues after the video!

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“I could feel the blood go straight to the surface of my skin and I was just starting to sweat a little bit. I mean, the guy’s a professional boxer and I’m not,” Richie worried at the time.

“Oh don’t kill me! I am dating his daughter while dating three other women – I am just waiting for him to kill me.”

“I’m going to die. There is no messing around with Andriy. The speed and the power with which he throws a punch! My goodness, it is relentless,” he added.

Will Olena be bringing this one home to meet her dad?

Olena and her mystery man share a laugh.

Meanwhile, Olena isn’t the only one hanging out with a keen male companion.

Single mum Alex Nation has also been spotted flirting up a storm.

Fans tipped her to be one of the last ladies standing, but it seems Alex’s head may have been turned by another man.

Who’s that guy, Alex?

Alex and her companion share a warm embrace.

The 24-year-old appeared smitten while out shopping with a guy in Melbourne.

Smiling and wrapping their arms around each other, the mystery man waited happily as Alex tried on a number of items before leaving the store together.

During the home visits last week, the bubbly blonde confessed to her family that she was falling for Richie.

WATCH: Alex tells Richie she’s falling for him. Post continues after the video!

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We recognise that look!

Aha! It’s the same smitten smile she gives Richie…

Alex tried on a number of outfits before leaving the store together.

“Well, I adore him. You can probably see it. Can you see it. I’m definitely falling for him,” Alex confided to her loved ones.

As she said goodbye to the rope technician she confessed, “I just didn’t want you to go away not knowing. You know, I… I think I am falling for you.”

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