Why Fiona McCallum’s new uplifting novel, A Life Of Her Own, should be on your reading list

Surprise (and impress) with this inspiring page-turner come Mother's Day.

There’s nothing more captivating than an inspiring, unputdownable read. Whether it’s the latest autobiographical hit or gripping cult novel, finding a book you really connect with is always a cherished win.

As we say goodbye to our summer beach reads, we’ve already begun stockpiling a list of winter page-turners. Top of the pile: Fiona McCallum’s new novel, A Life Of Her Own.

Labelled one of Australia’s master storytellers, Fiona McCallum is known for her heart-warming stories of self-discovery and already boasts 10 bestsellers.

Her latest release is set to be no different, telling the uplifting story of overcoming adversity and following your dreams.

A Life Of Her Own by Fiona McCallum, RRP $32.99

The tale centres on Alice Hamilton, a recently-graduated mature-age student who is looking to make her next career move. Struggling to navigate her way through the job market, Alice is faced with the dilemma of finding a financially-secure job that she enjoys — a feat that she soon discovers to be difficult — while maintaining a healthy and committed relationship with her partner David.

Faced with the mounting pressure of unemployment, Alice interviews for a role at a major real estate agency in Melbourne and lands the job. Excited about the prospect of the new role, yet riddled with anxiety about having to make new friends, Alice’s circumstances unfortunately take a turn for the worst.

Bullied and exploited by her boss Carmel on a daily basis, Alice has to find the courage to face her fears, prioritise her wellbeing and stand up for herself. However, the repercussions of her actions lead her into further strife. As Alice’s life continues to spiral, an unexpected trip back to the country town she once fought to escape provides her with a newfound perspective on her career path and relationship.

Returning to Melbourne with clarity and a fresh outlook, Alice decides to take charge of her life. Faced with making tough decisions in order to do so, Alice has two possible outcomes: crumble under the pressure or find the strength to chase her dreams.

Fun fact: Fiona is a bestselling author and her books have sold over 200,000 copies in Australia alone. But Fiona’s path to becoming a bestselling author was not without its challenges and she overcame these much like the empowered characters in her all novels.

With a compelling story line that proves all too relatable, A Life Of Her Own will have you hooked from the first chapter. If you’re a sucker for a sentimental story with an inspiring lead, then grab your copy of McCallum’s new release now. Trust us; you won’t be able to put it down.

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