Are Home and Away’s lovebirds Justin and Leah heading for a break up?

This can't be the end... right?
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While Justin was knocking at death’s door following a horrific kidnapping ordeal in Home and Away, Leah remained by her fiancé’s side.

But seeing him on the brink of death has become burned in her mind, now, it seems the storyline is leading towards their doom. But is Leah and Justin’s love stronger than the trauma?

Leah has been suffering from panic attacks after the kidnapping.

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After attempting to escape the warehouse, where the kidnappers were holding them, Justin was injured. Unable to accept she could lose the love of her life; a distraught Leah proposed to Justin.

By some miracle, the pair survived – with Justin now fully healed. However, Leah can’t quite pick up the pieces as the traumatic experience continues to haunt her.

“Every time I close my eyes, I see you there dying,” Leah (Ada Nicodemou) tells Justin. “Your healed. I’m the one who’s suffering.”

Justin (James Stewart) is seen confiding in Alf (Ray Meagher) as he explains Leah hasn’t been coping well following the incident.

Leah proposed to Justin during the kidnapping.

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“I don’t know. I just can’t get married until I fix what’s going on with me.”

In an exclusive interview with TV WEEK, Ada revealed: “Leah never thought she wanted to marry again. She really liked the relationship she and Justin had – but something tragic like this makes you reassess everything.”

In the latest promo, Leah is shouting at Justin, “there will be no wedding. I don’t ever want to marry you! Ever.”

There is a threat of violence in the promo before a police officer reveals she was asked, by Leah, to arrest a confused Justin. Traumatised Leah begins barricading herself inside the diner, from Justin…

“Your mind is starting to play tricks on you,” Justin said from outside, meanwhile Leah is reaching for the knife. “Leah I would never hurt you.”

“Your a liar,” she responds.

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So what does this mean for Summer Bay’s favourite couple? Could this be the end? In the previous promo which saw Leah postpone the wedding, the lovebirds fan-club seemed positive they will work it out.

“They need to make it down the aisle it’s about time leah as a happy ending,” one fan commented.

Another wrote: “They will get married they love each so much”.

“While she’s still struggling from the trauma of nearly losing Justin, her heart isn’t in it until she can cope with her anxiety. Really hope they get their happy ever after though. I don’t believe in love but I do with Justin and Leah,” another explained.

In comforting news, this isn’t the first time Justin and Leah have headed for a break up. And they’ve come back bigger and stronger.

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