What to expect from the Will & Grace reboot

Where there's a Will, there's a Grace, Karen and Jack!

By TV Week team
It’s been a long time since we farewelled Will & Grace.

In fact, 11 years have gone 
by since the groundbreaking sitcom ended its eighth and “final” season.
But now, more than a decade on, our four favourite pals – two gay, two straight, and all as dysfunctional as each other – are back for more laughs in the hotly anticipated revival which premieres on Stan on September 29!
The awesome foursome of Jack, Karen, Will and Grace in the original series.

Why it's back

It all started during last year’s US election campaign.
Will & Grace’s co-creator Max Mutchnick had an idea for a 10-minute video to help encourage Americans to vote.
His idea would bring back Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), 
Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally).
Since Max still had the set for Will’s apartment 
in storage, it was simply a matter of getting the cast back together.
And to Max’s 
delight, all four stars said yes.
“We got seven million views on YouTube,” Debra, 49, tells TV WEEK.
“And it was in that moment that everybody was like, ‘Wait 
a minute – they [the fans] want us to come back.”
US TV network NBC 
gave the green light for 
a 12-episode series. It’s now been extended to 16.
The four friends in this year's reboot.

Where we left off

In the 2006 finale, pregnant Grace accepts 
a proposal from the father of her unborn child – her ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr).
Grace’s decision causes a rift between her and her best friend Will.
Will was annoyed when Grace choose to reunite with her ex-husband Leo (left).
In a two-year flash-forward, Jack and Karen make a failed attempt to reunite the duo.
In another time jump, this time 20 years, Will and Grace bump into each other while helping their kids move into college.
Will’s son Ben (Ben Newmark) 
and Grace’s daughter Lila (Maria Thayer) happen to fall madly in love.Will and Grace prepare for their kids’ wedding, and the four pals 
meet up to toast their friendship.

Where they are now

Forget everything you just read. The shock twist of the revival is the events of the finale didn’t actually happen.
“It’s 11 years later, and in the very first scene we address how the series ended,” Debra says.
“You learn that Will and Grace are single, don’t 
have children and are living together again in the same apartment.”

The backtrack on the plot means plenty is still the same for fans.
“I don’t think anybody wants to watch Will with his child over there while Grace raises hers,” Eric, 54, says.
“We thought, let’s find a way to get back to when the show was at its zenith, comedically – when the four of us were just free to run around.”

Karen still lives in her mansion, while Jack is in the same building as Will and Grace.
But the scene-stealing duo are still hilariously outrageous.
“Karen’s worse than ever,” Megan, 58, says of her pill-popping, martini-guzzling alter ego.
“She’s friends with Donnie and Melania [Trump]. She’s had 11 years to develop all her horrible traits, so there won’t be any improvements in her personality.”

As for the flamboyant Jack, he’s 
still just as self-centred.
“Let’s keep him as he is,” Sean, 47, says. “He has a healthy ego. I love Jack’s delusions of grandeur – that he has something to offer the world.”
With the revival picked up for 
a second season, Debra says it’s great to be bringing Will & Grace back.
“Fans can visit with old friends 
and hopefully laugh 
out loud again,” 
she says.

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