The latest details on the Will & Grace revival

The gang are almost back together again!

By TV Week team
We cannot wait for the Will & Grace reboot. The 12 episode revival will be available for streaming on STAN Australia on September 29.
Speaking to EW, the cast and creators opened up about how quickly the revival came together.
The initial idea took shape following the nine-minute election short the team filmed last year encouraging people in America to get out and vote.
“I was sitting on the couch in my house, reading the script and then I emailed Max [series creator Max Mutchnick] and I said, ‘Why can’t we do this show again?’ And he emailed right back saying ‘We can!’” Megan Mullally, who plays Karen Walker on the show recalls.

Max Mutchnick, who is also the executive producer for the series, was astounded at how easy it was to get the gang back together again.
“The strangest thing about it is how comfortable and natural everybody has been with the whole thing,” he says. “We did this not having seen each other for 10 years and then decided one day to show up to work and got right back to it.”
Debra Messing, who stars as Grace, and who recently appeared in the TV remake of Dirty Dancing, was thrilled to work alongside her former co-stars once more.

“I always thought about the four of us as being like an orchestra and each of us playing a different instrument and creating a musical together,” she says. “Comedy is music. Once we started playing the music again, it was like, ‘Oh, I know how this song goes.’ ”
We have no clue what to expect from this revival, but we just can’t wait to watch Will (Eric McCormack), Grace, Karen and Jack (Sean Hayes) getting up to mischief again. Earlier this year, Max teased us with an excerpt from a script referencing a wedding and a monkey… So by the sounds of things, we could be in for some whacky plot lines ahead!

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